David Boreanaz & His Sunday Brunch Bunch

David Boreanaz was all smiles on Sunday (October 10) as he headed out for brunch with wife Jaime Bergman and their kids Jaden, 8, and Bardot, 1.

The family dined at Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas, Calif. and while the cameras caught David looking ecstatic, little Bardot seemed less than thrilled. Like the rest of us, maybe she was growing weary of the weird SoCal weather – temps rocketed back into the high 90’s again after several days of clouds and rain.

David is currently starring in the sixth season of his hit show Bones. His co-star, Emily Deschanel, surprised everyone when she married Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s David Hornsby in a private ceremony two weeks ago.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the baby’s name is Bardot… In People they call her Bella and I read somewhere that they changed her name b/c Bella fit her personality better.

  • Anonymous

    I was just going to say that Anonymous. They changed it to Bella Bardot Vita Boreanaz (if I remember correctly…)

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t actually change the name, just added another one: Bella.
    Now it’s Bardot Bella Vita Boreanaz (Bella Vita translates to Beautiful Life in italian).
    But they call her simply Bella, which is more suitable for a baby girl.

    • Joy

      Not according to Jaime’s Twitter. She says the full name is Bella Bardot Vita Boreanaz, but they simply call her Bella.

  • Anonymous

    it’s actually bella vita bardot boreanaz…at least that’s what jaime put on her twitter.

  • Emily

    That pretty stupid to change her name from Bardot to Bella if it’s true. Maybe they should name her Bella when she was born. How are the parents going to change her name because “Bella ” fit her personality better? I don’t see how a name can fit any baby girl personality no matter the name.

  • Lou x

    how confusing! lol.
    You would think they’d wait to announce her name until they were sure they were going with he name! Beautiful name none the less, whatever the combination! xx

  • PhillyGirl

    I love it! He’s wearing a t-shirt with the Flyer’s emblem on it!

    • Anonymous

      i know!! that made me smile!

  • Anonymous

    to Emily:

    They didn’t change her name FROM Bardot TO Bella. It’s BARDOT BELLA Vita Boreanaz or BELLA Vita BARDOT Boreanaz , whatever the order. The family probably started to call her Bella weeks after she was born. Bella as in beautiful or cutie.

    • Joy

      It’s Bella Bardot Vita according to Jaime’s Twitter. Jaime herself said they changed the name.

  • Anonymous

    David has some strong genes, both kids favor him a lot!

  • Anonymous

    They call her Bella becuase its the popular Twilight name, and David must be craving some of his old vampire days of Angel. He had been on TV already telling all her name is Bardot. Poor kid won’t even know what her real name is until she is able to read. Nice smile on his face, not one on the wifes. Perpahs she’s still wondering if staying with the cheater was the best choice. He’s just waiting a little while longer and then he’ll be back to his cheatin ways. Why not wife gave him a license to cheat. Do whaterver you want honey and I’ll stay with you. She should be mother of the year!! Yeah.

    • Joy

      As much as I still love David as an actor regardless of his cheating ways (which came as no surprise to me, one of his biggest fans, since he’s been cheating since his BTVS/ATS days – him and his first wife cheated on each other most of their marriage and he’s been cheating on Jaime the majority of their almost 9 year marriage as well), it’s only a matter of time before he’s cheating on Jaime again (if he hasn’t already started it up again already). I honestly think she knows that too, but they’re probably staying together for the kids (at least until they get older). The smile on David’s face is obviously forced, because I’ve seen him when he’s genuinely smiling and it’s a completely different look on his face. Jaime isn’t smiling at all and really, who can blame her? I wouldn’t be too happy either. I know they’ve been counseling and all, but I honestly believe they’re probably just making the best of the situation. I’m not sure I’m buying the story that their marriage has made any progress, but then again – what do I know? I’m not them.

  • jessie

    Smile all you want….looks fake. Just read the other headlines about him.
    Tiger Woods mistress and David’s mistress (porn stars) taking each other to court. This great family man will never live this down. I agree with previous post. Wife’s a fool. But then again everything comes with a price and maybe the money for her is just too good to walk away from. I think they call that selling your soul.

  • LISA FROM la

    He tries to smile way too big for the cameras. Wife doens’t seem to share his enthuism. He and wife never seem to walk together or hold hands unless its on a red carpet event. I think the marriage is being held together for hollywood appearacnes sake. I read wife is trying to stay in the marriage and even go to cousleing together but I think its too far gone. I mean I wish them luck but sort of think its over from their actions and they should just move on and make the best of it for the kids.

    • Joy

      Completely agreed. Honestly, their marriage always seemed pretty contrived to me anyway to begin with. But now, I think it’s become very clear that this marriage is not salvageable. At least before this hit, whether David was cheating or not (no doubt about it he was), it hadn’t been made public so they could still put on the ‘happy family’ front. Now, not so much. They’re trying too hard to make it look like everything’s fine. But, it’s coming off incredibly forced instead. If anything, I see their marriage lasting maybe another couple of years at the most (and that’s being generous). I really do think it’s over and has been for a while now. They should really move on, cut their losses and do what’s best for their kids. Because right now, nobody’s winning in this situation. Every time I see pictures of Jaden, he looks miserable. I feel so sorry for those kids.

  • Kathy

    I agree there is never any contact or connection between the two anymore. They walk as far apart as strangers. Jaime isn’t staying for the money she has her own. She’s keeping the marriage together for the kids sake. I give her credit I know I wouldn’t be able to do it.

  • bella

    For those that say the wife isn’t smiling, why would she. Her marriage has been a joke for years after her husband was forced to admit to the world he’s been lying and cheating on her for years. Nothing to smile about there. Its very sad. But is sure is funny that he seems to have a big smile on his face…why wouldn’t he. He has been allowed to stray and play and keep the wife at home. She’s not too smart.

  • jacks

    If the wife truly had her own money she would have left him in the dusk. She’s a beautiful woman and could have her pick of men. I have read other articles that she has low self esteam and that’s ashame if she feels she has to stay with his cheatin a… Move on honey.

    • Joy

      I used to believe that maybe she was staying for the money, but now I’m not so sure. I truly believe she’s staying for the kids’ sakes (whether that’s the only reason or not remains to be seen). A lot of couples do this once they know the marriage is over. They stay together for the kids, until the kids get older and then they get the divorce. Maybe that’s the plan here. I don’t know.

  • karen

    I hate those hats that he wears. He looks like a grandpa and he’s not that old yet.

  • jill

    Wife has a twitter account and read she went back to school. Maybe she is trying to get a career so she can go out and work on her own. But if she has been the stay at home mom for years she would be entitled to not only child support but alimony as well. She should take advantage of that.

  • franklin

    Just jumped on this article and funny that someone should mention the wifes twitter account. I saw the interview David did on one of the late night shows a few weeks ago, Craig Ferguson I think and he slammed twitter and mocked it. Sort of a slam for the wife as well as she is on her account quite a bit as one of my friends goes back and forth with her. You would think he wouldn’t slam something that so many are a part of. NO CLASS

    • Joy

      Not surprising, actually. I mean, Jaime mentions him quite a bit in her tweets and recently one of her tweets talked about David thinking of getting a Twitter account but trying it out first by having her post a comment or something from him as a tweet using her Twitter account. Maybe he was getting tired of the constant mentions and so it was sort of a way for him to get her to stop talking about him so much (not that she goes overboard with it – she mentions him here and there pretty frequently but not obsessively so). I assume if their marriage is still on the rocks, which I suspect it is, maybe he doesn’t want her mentioning him on there anymore. Just a theory.

  • Anonymous

    It’s legally Bella now.

  • jessie

    Sad family life. I was shocked to hear of his all his affairs and more surprised to learn it has gone on for years and he cheated on his first wife as well. It’s a real shame but then read on one of the blogs that when he first met current wife they did not date for very long and then she got pregnant. Girls used to do that to trap a guy. Maybe she was looking for the brass ring. In this day and age to get pregnant…come on. I give him credit for doing the right thing and marrying her…..but maybe he shouldn’t have. He could have still supported his son and shared parential rights.

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