Dr. Andrew Ordon On Hollywood’s Plastic Surgery Trends

Once a regular on the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Andrew Ordon now appears on the popular daytime TV show The Doctors. The well-known plastic surgeon is also dad to two grown children – Shannon and Matt – who are currently completing medical school.

Dr. Ordon opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the plastic surgery trends of Tinseltown, whether many Hollywood starlets get liposuction after birth and his best advice to parents during cold and flu season.

CBS: Being a plastic surgeon, please give us your opinion of how Hollywood can portray unrealistic images of females?

AO: “There is no question that Hollywood likes to create a look of women with big lips and breasts; and it continues to be a trend. Unfortunately it affects what we do in plastic surgery. The thinking is that actresses will get that role or part with these attributes. It’s unrealistic and the wrong reason to pursue plastic surgery.”

CBS: Why did you originally want to specialize in plastic surgery?

AO: “For me it was the perfect combination of using my mind and artistic talent. Really, it’s a combination of doctor, surgeon and artist. And now, TV host!”

CBS: Please set the record straight: Do many celebrity moms get liposuction after birth? Its seems their bodies bounce back so much faster than the rest of us.

AO: ” I want to dispel that myth. Reputable surgeons don’t do it. Look, many celebrities go into pregnancy the right way. They stay in shape throughout their entire pregnancy and as soon as they deliver they go right back to where they were. And their genes are working in their favor too!”

CBS: You were on the Dr. Phil show many times before appearing on The Doctors. Are the two of you good friends?

AO: “Dr. Phil and I are good friends. Our children went to Brentwood High together and played on the same lacrosse team. His son Jay is the executive producer of The Doctors. He is just like what you see on TV – he has that same way about him in person. We play tennis and we golf together frequently.”

CBS: Your children are headed off to medical school. Are they enjoying their studies?

AO: “Well, you know, as a parent you have to guide them when you can. I’m behind them 100%. It’s really fun for me to see them go through a similar process. Each generation does it better. I just saw them last week, They are both at NYU in the Post BAC program.

Medicine is a year or two off for both of them. I think they are doing it better this way. It lends itself to a more well-rounded attitude. They are enjoying the process so much more than I did – I’m jealous! NYU is a great place to be a student and it’s a great place for pre-med.”

CBS: What is your best advice to parents to prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season?

AO: “I would recommend flu shots, especially for adults/children with underlying health problems. They are safe and effective for everyone really, and now they have the combination for H1N1 and the flu.

Most importantly, stay at home and wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds. This is the biggest thing you can do! Keep your hands away from your nose and mouth too. This is a good way to avoid colds and the flu.

I’m also not a big fan of hand sanitizer; I guess I’m old school in that way. I’m a huge vitamin C believer too. My wife changed my thinking on this.”

CBS: What are some of the signs that a child is too sick to attend daycare or school and should stay home for the day?

AO: “You can tell if your child is sick or not, if he/she wants to run around, he’s probably not that sick! Sneezing is contagious early on. Keep them home for a day or two then. You can always tell by their energy level.”

CBS: Any other advice to parents out there?

AO: “Savor it, it goes by so quickly, but it only gets better! Especially if you develop a rapport with them early on. It’s more like a friendship and that’s special.

One of my greatest moments recently was traveling through India with my daughter for Smile Train. I was there reconstructing palates and she did the still photography for the entire trip. It was a special moment for me to have her there and I sensed that she wants to follow in my footsteps.”

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