‘It’s Always Sunny..’ Star Rob McElhenney Tells Kaitlin Olson’s Baseball Labor Story

Funny man and It’s Always In Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney is also a recent new dad. He and wife Kaitlin Olson, who is also his co-star on the FX sitcom, welcomed their first son, Axel Lee McElhenney to the world in early September.

While we already told you that Kaitlin went into labor during a Phillies/Dodgers game, Rob has now given more details on the fateful night to baseball blog Zo Zone.

We left around the fifth inning. They were up at that point. Even when we pulled into the parking lot she realized she was probably in the beginning stages of labor. But everybody we had spoken to at that point – we had the baby at home, so we had a midwife – but we also had an OB. And they said one of the biggest issues with women, especially with first-time pregnancies, the biggest mistake they make is that as soon as they feel the labor starting they go right to the hospital. As soon as they get to the hospital, the hospital turns them around and says go back home because you’ve got another 12 hours before you’re going to have this baby. Otherwise you’re going to sit down in a hospital bed for 12 hours. So Kaitlin said, ‘I’m not going to do that. Let’s just go about the day as much as we can. I’ll just stay at this baseball game until it’s no longer comfortable.’ As the contractions starting getting closer and closer together and they started getting more aggressive … yeah, it was like the fifth inning. Howard hit the home run and we were like, ‘Let’s just go. It looks like they have control of the game. It looks like they’re going to win.’ And then we left and she had the baby two hours later. His name is Axel, so that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a nickname because his name is already as cool as (stuff). But we’re thinking Chooch.


With that kind of excitement leading up to his birth, we’re sure Axel (or Chooch) will be a big baseball fan, just like his parents!

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  1. Judge Judy

    HA! I love them, he’s so hilarious.
    Chooch is a lucky little man.

  2. Anonymous

    Chooch & or Choochie is my nephew Will’s nickname…Weird, I never heard of anyone using that before.

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