Jennifer Garner & Her Santa Monica Sweetie

Sweet! Jennifer Garner and her daughter Seraphina were spotted with their nanny in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (October 11).

The 1 1/2-year-old happily held onto both their hands as they headed to pick up Violet, 4, from school.

Even though Garner is a busy mom, she still has time to help others. She was in New York City last week for a Save The Children event. The actress is an ambassador for the non-profit organization which works to improve the lives of children in poverty in the U.S. and abroad.

“I think that kids inspire you to do everything you can,” she said. “You want to a great role model. But you don’t need to be inspired to help other kids. You don’t have to be a mom. You just see other kids in need and you want to reach out to them. It’s just a basic human emotion.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures


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  1. Anonymous

    Those shoes are from Target.

  2. Anonymous

    They are not from Target they are Lilli Kelly

  3. Suri is sooo cute

    No those shoes are not from Target I am sorry my daughter has those
    shoes and if so than that means that Katie Holmes shops at Target too.!!
    Suri wears those shoes.. !!YES she has grown a lot… I thought that Vi
    was in Kindergarten if she is going to be 5 in December..why is she still
    in Nursery School..?? Usually they show Ben and Jen picking her up outside
    a building..With double glass doors..

    • Carrie

      Because you don’t start Kindergarden until your 5. She is probably at a preschool. Who cares where the shoes are from. They are a childs shoe. I don’t care if they came from a garage sale, they are cute and that is all that matters! Shesh, we don’t to be so superficial.

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t you have to be 5 years old by September 30 in order to register for kindergarten? (unless the child is advanced) That’s the way it is here. She probably won’t start kindergarten until next August/Sept.

  5. Anonymous

    @Suri is sooo cute
    In some states the child has to be 5 by a certain date which is typically by July before the start of the school year. Violet may not have made the cut off for the school she is being enrolled in for next year. This is not umcommon. I actually think its better when your child is one of the older one’s in Kindergarten. My son turned 5 in October so he had to wait, which turned out to be great, the younger one’s sometimes don’t cope well, every child is different.

  6. Anonymous

    Here in Oklahoma must be 5 by Aug. 31. for Kindergarten

  7. Anonymous

    They live in Los Angeles so she has to be 5 by December 1st and she will be. I thought she started Kinder too, I haven’t seen any photos of her at the nursery school this school year so I just assumed. They are talking about the shoes because somebody said they were from Target and I said they weren’t but they were Lilli Kelley shoes and they are.

  8. Anonymous

    Violet’s Birthday is December 1st.
    She probably has to wait until next year to start Kindergarten.

  9. Suri is sooo cute

    Lelli Kelley shoes…right so they are from a website not Target..You start Jr. Kindergarten when you are 4 in September..the beginning of the year..and
    Sr Kindergarten when you are 5 years old…

  10. Anonymous

    @Suri is sooo cute
    You must be from another country. Every state is different, I’ve never heard of Sr. Kindergarten though. If Violet is going to a private school in CA for Kindergarten, then their registration requirements for Kindergarten would be different than public schools. On one of her fan websites, there was a picture of her and Ben last month going to a Parish School in Pacific Palisades, I won’t say which one for privacy reasons, but they could be enrolling her their next year, pure speculation on my part of course. Point is she is not in Kindergarten yet and that is really neither a surprise or uncommon.

  11. Anonymous

    Violet’s birthday is December 1st and so is the cut off date for Kindergarten, she could start this year. That is the date for Los Angeles schools.

  12. Anonymous

    LOL!! @ someone saying they are from a website and not Target!! “/…now that’s supercial!!..That just goes to show that you paid way more for them than I would because Yes, those exact shoes/style/colors/prints are indeed @ Target for about 12.99..check it out!! LOL!!

  13. Anonymous

    They aren’t the same shoes they are a knock off. The shoes are night and day and the ones at Target are super wide fit, my daughter couldn’t ever wear those. When you look at the details of the shoes they are night and day.

  14. AnnieMouse

    Does it matter where the shoes come from? I’m focused on her cute little face not her silly little shoes!!

  15. Anonymous

    Both girls are super cute and seem to be wearing similar shoes. I love the dress Violet is wearing. She looks so grown up and yet, still smiling.

  16. Anonymous

    Who the heck cares where her shoes came from!? She’s such a sweet little girl and her mom seems to be so involved in both of her kids’ lives.

  17. Anonymous

    I’m LMAO at the shoe comments. Do you all know how ridiculous you all sound? BTW Christian pre=schools in my state always have a private kindergarten included in them. It is a Presbyterian pre-school, correct? Therefore, she could be going to the preschool or the kindergarten at the same school and none of us would know which one would we? Meg Ryan’s little girl Daisy is a year or more older than Violet and she’s been shown attending this school recently within the past year as well.

  18. Anonymous

    I’d like to say that it seems the papz have laid off taking pics at the school recently. I really hope they don’t start up again. Maybe CBS shouldn’t post them when they are at school and so then the papz wouldnt take pictures there.

  19. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if they live in Los Angeles, if they are attending private schools (in their case, parochial). Some of you need to realize that public schools and private schools have DIFFERENT cut-off dates when it comes to birth dates of future pupils.

  20. Anonymous

    Amazing that the kid is actually WALKING ON HER OWN!!! That is one over-protective neurotic mother.

    • Anonymous

      Can you shut up? Seriously, like you don’t pick up your kid when it’s easier. Yes she likes to hold her kids and walk through the streets are you forgetting how this picture got on the website? Someone is standing there walking backwards in front of her to take her picture and you of all people are commenting on whether or not she is neurotic. Grow up seriously. I would be just as neurotic if I was followed by papparazi all the time and had to worry about my barely walking child the entire time. Please SHUT UP.

  21. Anonymous

    The first comment on this post was where her shoes were from so I said that was wrong, was that ridiculous since I happen to know because my daughter has the same shoes I don’t think so.

    The Los Angeles school district has the age cut off of December 1st which also happens to be Violet’s birthday so at that point you make a choice whether to put them in or have them wait a year. Jennifer Garner has gone on record as saying she would send Violet to public school many times, so we can assume she is waiting a year now. Her preschool goes through age 5 and does not do Kindergarten so I am thinking next fall she will start elementary school. She has also been seen outside Roosevelt Elementary school so it’s possible that she may attend some classes there as well.

  22. Anonymous

    its nice to see people aren’t picking on the nanny this time around but shoes.

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