Alicia Keys’ Big Apple Bump

Mom-to-be Alicia Keys was seen walking with a male friend through SoHo, New York City, on Wednesday (October 13).

Alicia’s husband Swizz Beatz recently gushed about his radiant wife: “She’s always glowing!” He added that the pregnancy has been “smooth sailing” so far.

The newlyweds are expecting next month. This will be Alicia’s first child while Swizz has three other children from previous relationships.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • TiggerTiff

    Hideous outfit but I think that’s her brother in the back…

  • emily

    f.y.i.I think that’s her brother in the back. Alicia has no sister or brother because she’s an only child.

  • Callie

    That is her brother, Cole! He’s her half brother, her dads son.

  • Shirilicious

    She really has no taste at all, neither in clothes nor men.

  • Courtney

    it’s harder to dress when your pregnant especially in the last weeks of it so give Alicia a break. she looks so happy about becoming a mom and is carrying pregnancy beautifully.

  • Anonymous

    She has a million other choices besides a garbage bag.

  • Tracy

    That is such a horrible outfit!! I have been pregnant twice & there are a lot of options out there!

  • Anonymous

    just be happy for her and leave her alone shes a beautiful pregnant woman

  • Anonymous

    Seriously…..that outfit? Seriously?

  • Landon

    That’s her little brother Cole behind her.

  • girl

    Happy for her? Pray for her is more like it. Doesn’t the father of this baby have children hither, thither and yon with various women. Isn’t he a serial cheater? Maybe he will stay with her longer because she seems to be the richest of his conquests but damn. That poor kid isn’t coming into a good situation.

  • Tia C

    She’s not looking too good here. As usual she’s wearing an unflattering outfit. Aside from the super size baby bump, she has gotten exponentially WIDER during this pregnancy. Someone should be walking in front of her with a “Wide Load” sign.

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