Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Bronx: Blonde Bunch

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz debuts her new short and blonde ‘do in New York City on Tuesday (October 12).

The mom-of-one was pictured with her son Bronx Mowgli, 2 next month, heading back to their hotel.

Bronx’s father is Ashlee’s hubby of 2 years, Pete Wentz.

Do you like Ashlee’s new ‘do?

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  1. AnnieMouse

    Not at all a fan of shorts and tights, but I love. love. LOVE. Her hair!! She looks so cute with her new hair!

  2. AnnieMouse

    I want Bronx’s little hoodie for my son…any idea where it’s from?

  3. Anonymous

    her hair looks great, bronx is going to be such a heartbreaker

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah I agree. He’s not that cute – average at best.

  5. Anonymous

    I agre with the firts poster….I think Bronx (awful name) will be avery hnadsome man…his looks are not cutesy baby looks, but he will age better than many other kids who hit a “cute” and its all then downhill.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t like this kid…sorry.

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