Larry Birkhead & His Benefit Beauty

Celebrity parents came out to show their support for the exclusive World Hunger Relief benefit hosted by Itzy Ritzy, Ju-Ju-Be and Yum! Brands, on Monday night (October 11) at Eva Longoria Parker’s Eve nightclub at Crystals in CityCenter Las Vegas.

Larry Birkhead and his adorable 4-year-old daughter Dannielynn were in attendance and enjoyed some cupcakes and french fries. Larry said that Dannielynn has started preschool and discussed the new challenges that come with balancing her circle of friends and busy social schedule. He also talked about her love for Sponge Bob and what its like raising her without her famous mama, Anna Nicole Smith. “She recognizes her mom in pictures,” he stated at the event.

Also supporting the good cause were Ali Landry, Joely Fisher and her husband Chris Duddy, Shar Jackson and Brandi Cibrian, to name a few.

Mom-of-four Shar Jackson talked about her new upcoming projects, which includes a new television show and a horror film. She also dished on what it’s like raising two teenagers. “My oldest is 17,” she stated, “and I do whatever I can to keep him from getting his license! Your grades aren’t high enough, or you didn’t pass that level in ‘Halo,'” she joked.

Shar also discussed beauty secrets and her personal tips for staying thin after Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. “I find creative way to do squats while emptying the dishwasher, or loading laundry… The idea is to stay out of the gym.” One of her best tips was not to starve yourself. “The key is you have to eat to lose,” she said. “I eat four meals a day.”

She also opened up about her ex, Kevin Federline. “Kevin’s doing well. He won’t get fat again,” she teased, “Then he won’t be sexy!”

Shar and Larry were seen getting down on the dancefloor and toasting in a private booth inside Eve.

Newly divorced Brandi Cibrian also made the rounds on the dance floor and was overheard saying that she is “super single,” after her recent split from real estate mogul Michael Meldman.

Ali Landry kept it low key and enjoyed cocktails in the VIP lounge with Joely Fisher and Chris Duddy.

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Photo credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage

  • Anonymous

    Obviously none of us knows for sure, but he seems like a great dad to me! Compared to other celeb kids we see those two very rarely. Dannielynn is gorgeous and looks so much like him!

    • Anonymous

      Little girl looks like her mom and her maternal family. I saw Birkhead’s high school pictures, his face was altered by esthetic operations.

  • Anonymous

    She looks nothing like Nicole and exactly like her dad. Beautiful girl.

  • Really

    Worng smile

  • Relax

    I like job for larry this is amazing dad he like happy with healthy good day for great dad

  • Anonymous

    Omg the news for jordan and xtina so sad some one tell me what problem for them split?

  • Anonymous

    Music executtive Jordan don’t need like this girl, poor chirstina and her handsome son exactly like sad news

  • Anonymous

    Cute larry great job

  • Jenny Schafer

    Please keep the comments respectful. We do not tolerate hatred aimed toward the celebrities we post about.

    We think Larry is doing a wonderful job with Dannielynn!

  • Heart

    Dannielynn birkhead most beautiful little girl she my fave girl =^ ~^=

  • Anonymous

    The day for food really i love this cake enjoyed larry and celebrits

  • Anonymous

    Wendarful Sahar jackson she always to be happy then brandi

  • Anonymous

    what happens to her teeth?

  • Anonymous

    Good job Larry – she seems so happy!

  • Anonymous

    Negativity is only allowed towards only SOME celebrities, I guess Larry isn’t one of those who people can criticize.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously i’m not the only one who’s noticed that negative comments about SAINT LARRY are prohibited!! I’ve posted 2 other comments (not mean, but factual) that were NOT permitted for posting. Why is this, just who is this Mr. Birkhead connected with? ………..any who,….. I wish litte Daniellynne a healthy and happy childhood. Preferably out of the limelight!

  • World Hunger Relief

    Thank you so much for posting this. . .we had an absolutely great time for an inspiring cause. For more information about World Hunger Relief and the World Hunger Relief Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened bags, please visit Thanks for moving people from hunger to hope!

  • Anonymous

    Larry is doing such a great job with this little sweetie pie. She looks so happy. I hink she is a good mix of her mom and dad. What a tragic story, with a happy ending.

  • Luci

    Dannielynn so pretty child just like her dad larry

  • Anonymous

    The littl girl more like Anna %

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