Mario Lopez Introduces Gia Francesca!

Last month, Extra host Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza welcomed their first daughter to the world, Gia Francesca, born on September 11.

OK! has now revealed the first public photos of the adorable little girl, being held in the air by her adoring daddy. Mario, who’s previously admitted to being on “diaper duty” is proud Gia has started to take after him in his second most-famous feature, his dimples! “She’s constantly changing,” he said. “But she’s got these slight dimples.”

Mario tells OK! he is still in the “shocked, excited” stage of fatherhood but that he’s not too out of place. He credits his upbringing saying: ““I come from a big, loud Mexican Catholic family. My sister also has three kids, so I’m used to a bunch of babies [being] around.”

Find out more about Mario’s feelings of new fatherhood by checking out the latest issue of OK! on newsstands this week.

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Photo credit: OK!


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  1. Sophie Smith

    That picture is so adorable!

  2. pep

    Awww shes adorable i think she looks like her mom why isnt mom in the pic???

  3. MLT

    Aww, she’s a sweetie. He’s old enough now and well-known enough he should keep his shirt on. He’s not AC Slater anymore! LOL

  4. Anonymous

    and of course he’s gotta be shirtless! side note: adorable baby!

  5. Anonymous

    Why does he have to be shirtless?? What a douche bag! I wish his 15 min were up when he was on saved by the bell, now he just won’t go away. I wish he would come out of the closet as well.

  6. Venni

    Why is he acting like HE was the one who gave birth! Where is the mother while he’s basking shirtless with the fruit of her labor? Icky pic.

  7. Anonymous

    can anyone say, “cheesy”

  8. Indian

    Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tcriky at all!”

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