Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Being A Mommy Is What I Am Meant To Be”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was “meant to be” a mommy! The outspoken co-host of The View is mom to three young children: daughter Grace, 5, and sons Taylor, 3 next month, and Isaiah, 1.

The busy mama, who is set to join Good Morning America to cover family and parenting issues, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about a new line of cute NFL maternity tees for A Pea in the Pod, how she balances motherhood and her career with “TTC,” and her “incredibly entertaining” household.

CBS: How are your kids doing? What are they into? Tell us a funny story about each of them.

EH: “The kids are incredibly entertaining. Without a doubt, I know that being a mommy is what I am meant to be.

Grace: When I tell her that I am emailing someone, she replies, “Did they re-mail you back?”

Taylor loves to play his guitar and throw anything as far as he can.

Isaiah loves to throw food and to tackle.”

CBS: How do you manage your busy career on The View and your three young children? Do you have help/cooks?

EH: “TTC (Total Team Commitment). Tim is the most involved dad. The kids adore him – as do I.

Our work schedules are intense in character, but flexible in schedule outside of the live hours we are on camera.

I do my product line work during Grace’s school hours, and the boys naps, and at night. No cooks, but me. I am trying to be more creatively gluten-free in the kitchen (I have Celiac Disease).

We love to devote the hours in the day to the kids. Though sometimes we fall short on giving ourselves time as a couple. Tim and I huddle up every night to game plan the schedule for the next day. It goes something like this: “I will take Grace then Taylor to school. Can you pick up Taylor and take him to the park and I will get Grace, bring her back from school. We can meet at swimming and during her lesson I will swim with the boys. Maybe I can make those steaks for dinner. Never mind, let’s just order pizza.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

EH: “How has it not?!

I used to work out when I want. Now I work it in when I can. I buy more milk than I ever imagined possible. Our TiVo is set to all kids shows! I love Tim more and more with every child. I finally understand my mom and understand the sacrifices she made…dad too! Everything else seems to be not such a big deal.”

CBS: What is forbidden in your home? Junk food? Swear words? Computer time?

EH: “We do not have too many ‘forbiddens.’ Our basic rule number one is have some fun, honor one another. No hitting each other. Not throwing anything but balls. No put-downs, just build ups, put toys away.

We believe – and witness every day – that our kids have the most fun in safe, known boundaries. So we show them the line of ‘no’ and then they can play confidently within the rules.

Appropriate discipline is key. When Grace and Taylor are arguing or bothering one another, I have them site facing one another for a few minutes and tell them I am going to see how long they can keep a serious face on. Before I know it they are giggling like crazy.”

CBS: Tell us about the new collection of vintage NFL Reebok tees exclusively for A Pea in the Pod that you are endorsing.

EH: “The NFL Reebok maternity tees made for Pea in the Pod are long overdue (no pun intended)! They are the perfect solution for getting in-the-game in a most stylish, flattering, feminine way.”

CBS: Do you love the game of football? Do your kids love it too?

EH: ” I ‘heart’ football and always have. I watched it as a kid with my dad, watched Tim play all through college, through the NFL, and now as a family. The kids love it and wear their jerseys every Sunday.”

CBS: Do you ever feel like the nation’s ‘young ambassador’ for conservative views? If so, does that responsibility ever feel a bit overwhelming?

EH: “The responsibility falls more in the category of just being myself, despite any external pressure. I am not there to be a puppet for any party or belief group. I am just a mom who loves to research, loves to share opinion with other intelligent and engaging women and loves her country enough to take a hard look at what is going on.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

EH: “I have a gluten free line of protein bars for men and women coming out this year and gluten free casein free, nut free snack bars for kids on their way, and work with a company called Proform on a machine called the Ab-Glider. The G-Free Diet, my labor of love best seller book.

Charities: Alzheimer’s Association, breast cancer research, medical teams international, Doctors without Borders, Autism Speaks, Girls and Boys Club….go girls go.”

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  1. sara

    Do you ever feel like the nation’s ‘young ambassador’ for conservative views? If so, does that responsibility ever feel a bit overwhelming?””The responsibility falls more in the category of just being myself, despite any external pressure. I am not there to be a puppet for any party or belief group.

    yes you are a Republican that the party you Belong in.I understand if she was an Independent.

  2. Jessie

    For some reason I just can’t stand her. I feel bad because I know that is not nice.I have some things in common with her like I am a married mom of 3, work full time, etc. But for whatever reason she comes off as very judgemental to me, and she acts and says things like she is perfect.Sorry Elizabeth, you are the reason why I stopped watching the view.

  3. SiervaMaria

    I rarely if ever agree with Elisabeth were politics is concerned, but she’s really grown on me. I probably like her the most apart from Joy, and that’s because they each do their homework and research, and both will say they are wrong when they are wrong, or call out wrong re: something or someone that shares their respective political and social beliefs etc. She’s a great mom too. If I had one complaint, I wish she was more assertive. Sherry has turned into the Kathi Lee Gifford of the View! Sometimes I just want Liz to tell Sherri, “shut it up already about Jeffrey and your cheating ex husband, and your celibacy, and your wigs, and your heels, and your every and anything!” (that felt good :))

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