Hungarian School Slams Reports That Jolie-Pitts Made Parents Keep Quiet

Despite reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have ordered parents and teachers of their kids’ new school in Budapest, Hungary to sign security contracts, the administration says the claims are untrue. “We did not confiscate cell phones in the school,” a school source told Hungarian website “It seems that a reminder about respecting one’s privacy was enough.”

“There is no secrecy policy and no threatening with expulsion at the school if someone talks to the press,” another source reveals to Life & Style. “The Jolie-Pitt kids have managed to get along with their classmates ever since they arrived,” the source adds.

And it sounds like they’re thriving in their new school: “They study, play and have lunch together with their classmates. They also participate in the following special classes: discovering Hungarian history, Hungarian folk dance, arts and crafts, land art and karate,” the source adds.

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  • Adriel

    Land art? Sounds interesting.

  • Bambi

    If i didn’t know better I’d say they have all boys in the family. Why can’t they have the girls be/look like girls?

  • Anonymous

    Bambi when it’s your family then you can do what you want with your kids!!!

  • Anonymous

    Because they live a very unstable unconventional lifestyle so nothing will ever be “normal” for those kids.

  • Anonymous

    Because they live a very unstable unconventional lifestyle so nothing will ever be “normal” for those kids.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else feel sorry for these kids? Can’t they just start at one school in September and stay through to the end of the year? It’s like every 6 months they’re at a new school. That’s no fun 🙁

    • SiervaMaria

      No, it’s not them I feel sorry for. It’s presumptuous critics like yourself I feel sorry for. You’ve got no idea how they feel but see a chance to be negative about them so you’re taking it.

  • Anonymous

    Bambi have you never seen photos of Zahara and Vivienne because they both are dress like girly girls in dress with hand bags and so forth so get you fate start before you talk.

    Anonymous 4:36pm you must feel sorry for all celebrity kids, child starts and army kids who move are around a lot. Do you feel sorry for Tom Cruise’s older kids who don’t get to see Tom, Katie and Nicole because their away a lot filming movies or even Jennifer Garner kids cause they don’t see their dad a lot because he away filming or producing movies or is it just the Jolie Pitt kids because you feel their live are so mess-up.

  • Rach

    I mostly feel sorry for Angelina having to wake up to Brad Pitt looking like that. Yikes! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Rach this is a old photo that was taken months ago in Italy Brad has shaved off his beard.

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