Jennifer Garner’s Little Bookworm

Alias star Jennifer Garner was spotted with her adorable daughter Violet, 5 in December, out shopping at Scribble Press in Santa Monica on Wednesday (October 13).

On their way out of the store, Violet looked captivated by a Nancy Drew book. What a cutie!

Jen and her husband Ben Affleck are also parents to daughter Seraphina, 2 in January.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. emily

    violet is one odd looking little girl.

  2. BeNice


    What is so “ODD” looking about Violet, and why do you feel the need to go out of your way to say something like that about a precious little girl?! Violet is beautiful….there is nothing odd about her. I am so sick of the hateful things that come flying out of people’s mouths these days…….what happened to those old sayings “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” or the golden rule “treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself”. It is such a treat to see this family out and about living NORMAL lives and yet, somehow, someone always has to say something negative. Do you teach your children to judge people by their looks?!! I certainly hope not because that is exactly why we have so much hate and bullying going on these days in schools…..because of judgmental ADULTS like yourself who do not set better examples for their children. Shame on you. Keep it to yourself the next time you decide to judge a CHILD.

  3. anonymous

    I think she is a totally cutey and I agree with BeNice…. Kids are kids they are all beautiful. I think it is great that she is reading Nancy Drew already. She must be an advanced reader. Or as my 7 year old would say… It is a book to grow into….

  4. Anonymous

    I think she is pretending to read it, she may know some words but my 5 year old still pretends to read chapter books.

  5. thanx celebrity baby scoop

    They have pix of Jen and Vi in the children’s store looking at the books and
    other things…Jen has said that Vi loves to read and that they read together
    at home a lot.. Vi is looking a lot like Ben with the cleft in the chin.. No she
    is not odd at all but a happy child …who Victor Garber said in EW next week
    issue that she is a fantastic mom and it shows with her children…

  6. Courtney

    Violet looks so pretty as always.

  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful mother and daughter!

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 2:15, get over yourself. Kids who don’t read early are not morons.

  9. Anonymous

    Poor Emily obviously has no love in her life and is jealous of the love this sweet innocent BEAUTIFUL little girl receives not only from her mom but from countless others. She only acts out because of her lack of attention. Her antics are getting a bit tiresome and have no place on this website.

    I think Violet is one of the most charming and adorable little girls alive and she is a delightful child. It is clear to me why she is so loved. I remember her mom saying in an interview once that she is funniest and sweetest person she knew. Sure all of us moms think our kids are the greatest but I totally get it her when I see these two together. What fun!

  10. Anonymous

    This is a board where people leave their opinions good and bad. If you don’t like it, get off the board. If she chooses to state that Violet is not cute, then so be it. It’s not Violet is reading these posts. I personally don’t think she is cute either. She has a huge gap in her teeth, protruding ears and big feet. If she was just a regular kid walking down the block, all of you people wouldn’t look twice at her.

    • Anonymous

      Um, no, that’s not how it works. Yes, you have the right to post whatever you want. And everyone else has the same right to criticize the things you say. If you can’t handle that, then it is you who should stop commenting. As long as you post awful, cruel things, I will continue to call you out. Of course, you obviously have no shame, so I know it will never get through to you, but the hope is that at least some people reading this will feel bad and try not to be jerks like you.

  11. LeeLee

    She’s adorable and always looks happy.

  12. Anonymous

    Violet is beautiful. And that’s my opinion so there haters.

  13. Joyce

    Violet always looks very normal and happy. Jennifer is a perfect mother.
    Some celebs kids look very sad. In every photo Michael Douglas’ kids look very unhappy and have a lost look to them (even before his cancer etc.).
    Violet is happy Mom is always there.
    Violet is bright looking, whereas Carys and Dylan appear slow.
    Catherine Z Jones admits she does not COOK for her own kids!!!!!! You know Moms like Jennifer Garner and Salma Hayek (as rich as she is) love to COOK for their children. You can just tell and see the difference.
    Angelina Jolie seems like a great Mom too. Happy looking children.

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t think its a big deal if Violet can read, but my 4 yr old is totally obsessed with books and he would be pouring over a beastquest or narnia book just like that…but he doesn’t actually read. So its a moot point, and reading is abit like riding a bike, its not a HUGE indicator of intelligence, though teaching herself to read is. For all we know Violet has been taught to read early by tutors which is just starting earlire. In Germany yoiu don’t start till 6-7, doesn’t mean they are dumb.

    • Anonymous

      what does earlire mean?
      Those are chapter books and I doubt she’d be pretending to read those . Picture books yes, because they can see pictures but What child “pretends” to read a chapter book? I juist doubt that’s the case. I am a teacher and believe me, its a rare 4 year old (or 5 year old) that reads chapter books even if you tutor them.

  15. cara

    gosh anonymous.. could be time for a holiday. you seem a bit stressed.

    i’m pretty sure that “earlire” means “earlier” and is a typo.

    lots of kids pretend to read chapter books.

    my 4 yr old wandered the streets with his dads books on early american philosophy “reading” to me. I’m not a teacher but i am told this is pretty standard pre-reading behaviour.

  16. Anonymous

    She is such a cutie patootie. I want a little girl just like her.

  17. Anonymous

    That may be a chapter book but its not Harry Potter. Its a special chapter book written to target early readers and thus is most likely to have pictures, large text broken up into small chunks, cartoons and so on included. Many kids chapter books (even those aimed at kids say 8-9 years) have lots of small/medium sized illustrations ie the Geronimo Stilton series and the Beastquest series. And as Cara pointed out, many many children “read” books without pictures…or at least the ones I know do. Also, as I stated, she may well be reading it, and good for her. BUT it doesn’t ipso facto make her a genius is my point.

  18. bo-peep

    grrrrrr. the whole is violet gorgeous or ugly debate just freaks me out. Why? because it shows how children are largely evaluated as objects by adults… what is the use of an ugly kid right?!? isn’t the POINT of children that they make us feel all warm and gooey when we look at them?

    i find this OBSESSION with the appearance of little girls particularly difficult to deal with…. it is almost as if a plain female child is no longer welcome in our society (see adam sandler’s daughter sadie comments for example).

    celebrity baby scoop seems to have become nothing more than some sick baby beauty pageant. i look at these photos because i like kids, i like seeing who a baby resembles etc i like looking at those little moments between parents and kids that are captured and i like drooling over the latest baby gear even though my youngest is now 9 yrs old (i know i know it is an illness… my name is bo-peep and i am a stroller addict). i have started to dread the comments because they make me feel sick… are people really so cruel that they cannot see the beauty in the face of a child lost in a book?? even a child with sticky-out ears and big feet???

  19. Anonymous

    So I think at her age she can read some words, can she read an entire chapter book probably not without help. My 5 year old loves to try to get through sentances, it’s challenging. Those books which we have do have some pictures and are targeted for children ages 6-8 so I think she is learning to read and these are big girl books.

  20. anonymous

    Violet is an adorable child with a great mom. It must be very challenging to raise good kids when your a celeb. Jen seems really hands on and one of the more “normal” mom’s in Hollywood. Violet, for the most part seems like a very happy little girl, which is nice to see. I worry for kids like Suri Cruise and Sam Sheen that seem to have problems with the limelight. Both of these kids rarely smile and don’t appear to be happy kids. I know that I don’t personally know either one of them but pictures do tell a story and from the many photos etc on the internet it seems pretty apparent that both Suri and Sam are not as well adjusted to there lifestyle as Violet.

  21. Anonymous

    I agree…I personally don’t enjoy the cult of Jennifer obsession with her amazingness but I hate teh way people pick on children. Also, god help you if you are a celebrity with a serious child or one that hates loud noise or strangers because evreyone will think you rae a bad mother! Its not acrime to be an introvert, though in Amreica sometimes I think people act like it is.

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