Johnny Knoxville’s Premiere Pals

Johnny Knoxville, his partner Naomi Nelson, and his 13-year-old daughter Madison attended the Jackass 3D premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday (October 13th).

Madison’s mother is Johnny’s ex-wife, Melanie Lynn Clapp. Johnny and Naomi are parents to son Rocko, who turns 1 in December.

Johnny, 39, recently recalled a surprising incident that occurred while spending time with Madison and her friends.

I was babysitting my daughter and her friends, they were all at the house one day and I set up the backyard as a shooting gallery with helium balloons and whatnot and we were having fun shooting the helium balloons when the cops burst in and ordered me down to the ground with guns. (Cops) came in my house! Apparently someone said there were shots fired in the neighbourhood.”

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  • Anonymous

    Regardless of her looks I think it’s nice that she is 13 and dressed like it! Flat, sensible shoes, dress not too short, no over the top makeup.

  • Anonymous

    ^ I agree. She is the spitting image of her father!

  • Anonymous

    why does his 13 yr old look so old. damn

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