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@Alanis Morissette big sur. my favorite place

@alydenisof Satyana fell asleep as we pulled up to the pumpkin patch! Bought a bunch anyway & will return for her to play another day:)

@Busyphilipps25 Thanks all for your kind words about last nights episode! Now you know what I look like when I cry!!

@KendraWilkinson i just got the sweetest photo album a fan sent me! it has pictures of a bunch of fans from my signings too! SO cool! i love it! THANK YOU!

@RCamposDuffy Watching my 6 yr old sleep next 2 me in bed. She made sign of the cross and folded her hands together in her sleep. Simply precious.

@sarajcox Ok! Come on smartypants people, my friends son has maddest homework question: why were numbers invented?

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