Jennifer Garner’s Coffee Cutie

Valentine’s Day star Jennifer Garner was spotted with her daughter Seraphina, 21 months, out getting a coffee in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (October 14).

The multitasking mama carried her sweet girl, a coffee and a book while Sera held onto her doll. Looks like Jen got a nasty ink stain on her pants at the coffee shop.

Jen and her hubby Ben Affleck are also parents to daughter Violet, who turns 5 in December.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • anonymous

    What an adorable little girl! Jen seems like such a great mom. Her girls seem very happy and well adjusted. Katie Holmes needs to have a chat with Jen about parenting! Suri never looks anywhere near as happy as Jens girls. Jen has her priorities straight unlike Katie who needs a reality check! Makeup, heels, uncombed hair, inappropriate dress, no friends etc. are not healthy for a 4 year old child. Will she ever get a clue? Katie needs to call Jen ASAP!!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Jennifer as a mom!!!I love the marker on the pants…… SO down to earth and “normal”.

  • Victor Garber says

    Anyone knows that when you have kids that the marker can happen..

    She is so down to earth with her kids.. Sera is always so happy.. and
    It looks like Jen is teaching her early to read…Thanks so much for the
    pix of Sera..

  • Ang

    Jen seems to really love being a Mom. Serafina is a beautiful little girl!

  • anja1

    Cute kids, but why does she dress them so ugly

    • anonymous

      OMG! Jen’s kids are always dressed so cute! What would you rather see them in? They are always dressed cute and appropriate. Maybe your a wacky Suri fan that would rather see Jen’s kids in some silly getup, such as heels and makeup!

      • anja1

        Actually, I also don’t like the way Suri’s dressed. But hse kids are always in extremely ugly clothes, I’m just wondering why

    • Anonymous

      They are dressed like every other normal little kid. Do you want them in designer clothes? Then you’d just criticize her for wasting money. You’d criticize her no matter what she does.

      • Anonymous

        Actually Jen’s girls do wear designer clothes (and Jen also)…they are just plain or ugly expensive clothes or just usually mismatched. But it is their money they can buy whatever they want. Just don’t brag about them being ‘so down to earth’ or ‘not wasting money on expensive clothes’. They mostly are expensive clothes that just look like cheap clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I love how her kids are almost always dressed like normal active kids in clothes that are not only cute but practical. And, they always wear them more than once. Another cool factor.

    Is Suri wearing eye makeup in those pics from the link? I suspected that her eyes always looked so defined in photos but surely she is not wearing eye shadow and mascara in those pics? The party dresses alone are already enough (unless she is going to a party) but eye makeup? What will she have to look forward to when she comes of age. (Please….. I hope she doesn’t go the route of some young girls in Hollywood, too much too soon.) So sad.

  • rain boot

    Hack again?!

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