Neil Patrick Harris Welcomes Twins Gideon Scott & Harper Grace

Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka are officially parents!

The How I Met Your Mother star took to his Twitter account on Friday afternoon to announce the happy news.

Babies!! On 10/12, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace entered the Burtka-Harris fold. All of us are happy, healthy, tired, and a little pukey.”

Congratulations to the Harris-Burtka family!

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  • klutzy_girl

    Congratulations to Neil and David! I’m so freaking excited for them that I can’t stop squealing!

    And the names are awesome. I love Gideon and Harper.

    • Anonymous

      O mY!

  • ivy2

    great names

  • mackenzie

    Congratulations to Neil and David!

  • sophia

    Grace as a middle name is really overused. Haper Grace Blakesley Grace Helena Grace Avery Grace Hartly Grace Charlotte Grace Liberty Grace Ashby Grace Billie Grace Zoe Grace. And I thought the name Ava was popular in Hollywood but I guess Haper is taking over.

  • Anonymous

    I do like the name Harper but I don’t think people realize how much it is being used. I’ve seen celebrities use it about a half dozen times over the past couple years, and also a few people I know used it for their daughters. I believe it will be one of the Jennifer’s or Madison’s of the next generation.

    As a personal example, my cousin named her daughter Madison in the late 90’s and now laments “how is it possible it’s so popular since no one had it when my daughter was born?” Remember that just because no one your age has the name, that doesn’t mean everyone your age isn’t using it on their own kids. But hey if you like it a name, who cares what anyone else thinks!

    • blair

      you’re right, no one ever looks to see how popular the name is now. i know someone who just named their daughter sophia, and she’s like “its not that popular, i dont know ANY sophias…..” well i dont either, but i dont hang out with 1 and 2 year olds. but im really surprised by how so many people dont care that a name is super popular. that’s the first thing i look for, if a name is in the top 100 it’s out!

      • Allison

        I love the way you think!

        I’m not fond of the “trendy at this moment” names.

  • Judge Judy

    Congrats! I adore NPH!
    I think those names are lovely.
    Yes, Grace is a popular middle name, because it sounds good with everything and has a peaceful meaning.
    Harper is becoming more popular, but isn’t this only the third or fourth celebrity baby to have this name? I’m assuming Sophia will now list the babies named Harper with their middle names…

    • Anonymous

      A quick google search reveals in the past few years: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Lisa Marie Presley, Tiffani Thiessen, a member of the Dixie Chicks, Eddie Vedder, and David Space all have daughters named Harper. (Granted the last is probably because the mother’s last name is Harper).

      • Anonymous

        And now the Beckhams have joined the “celebrity baby daughter called Harper” club naming their baby daughter Harper Seven.

  • Sonya

    I love their middle names, not so much Gideon and Harper. But, I’m very happy for them and hope we’ll see some pictures.

    Apparently David has 10 years old twins named Flynn(girl) and Javin (boy).
    Anyone know if he was married or if he also had them via a surrogate?

  • Bebe

    Congrats 2 them. Nice names.

  • Jolene

    So happy for them and lovely names too!

  • Dee

    So happy for them! Like the names too! Wishing them all the best! I am sure they will be great parents!

  • Anonymous

    Those 10 yr old twins were his “stepkids” from his male partner Lane. NPH mentioned they went to Disneyland a couple of years ago with the twins

  • melo1983

    Soo funny how everyone is bashing Alicia Keys for naming her son Egypt…but these guys name their poor child Gideon and everyone is right on board. Are you kidding me!?

    • Anonymous

      Gideon is a real name, Egypt is not.

  • mhm90

    Gideon is a cool name. Egypt is just.. Weird. Anyone know if they are NPJs bio kids or Davids?

    • Harrisgirl1

      I have a long line of grandfathers, with the name of Gideon and it is the coolest

  • Allison

    Love the names!

    And to melo1983, I dont have any problem with Egypt, but at least Gideon is a real name. You know, as in a name for humans. With a background and origin and meaning. Egypt is just a place.

  • Adriel

    Lucky children to have two loving parents.

  • testguy

    If you can be named for Chino, you can certainly be named for Egypt.

  • Anonymous

    This is really sad that Neil is gay. And even sadder that he thinks it is morally ok to raise babies in a gay “family” that’s messed up

    • Anonymous

      Stupid creep. You should have your brain washed. You’re messed up.

  • Anonymous


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