Alyson Hannigan Says Neil Patrick Harris Will Make A Fantastic Father

Alyson Hannigan says Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka will make “fantastic fathers” to their twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.

The How I Met Your Mother actress explains to People how Harris, who Tweeted about the births yesterday, is great with her 19-month-old daughter Satyana.

“He’s definitely a kid at heart and I think that really helps,” she says. “He can get into the kids’ energy easily. He’s fantastic with my daughter, and she just loves him.”

She adds, “He has this phenomenal song that he has made up and it makes my daughter laugh every time he does it. It sticks in my head for days. It’s so brilliant, and it’s the perfect baby song. He’s definitely going to be so creative and fun.”

The 36-year-old actress reveals that Harris and Burtka even paid a visit to her home to get parenting advice.

“I don’t think they needed any of our advice but we peppered them with all the information that my husband and I have,” Hannigan says. “We gave them a list of our favorite products and talked about [how] the first six weeks in is kind of the hardest. [Just] trying to figure out what each cry means or what is the best schedule for the baby is hard.”

Hannigan adds, “Without a doubt they will be wonderful dads who are going to love their little babies so much. Those are going to be two lucky babies.”

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