Suri Cruise Hates To Travel

Well, my impression of a jet-setting Suri Cruise have just been shattered. Turns out the 4-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hates to travel.

Tom and Katie have always taken their daughter with them when working – they’ve visited Japan , Brazil, Australia and England together – but it appears the youngster has developed a fear of flying due to constantly being shuffled between different time zones.

“Suri’s sleep patterns have been seriously disturbed from all the traveling,” a source says. “It’s why you often see her when she’s abroad being carried with a blanket as though she’s a baby.

“It has got to the stage where she screams whenever she sees a plane. It’s an open secret she doesn’t like flying and has trouble sleeping for days after she’s been on a flight.”

And during a recent trip to Prague where Tom was scouting locations for Mission Impossible IV, Suri reportedly let her parents know that she’d like to keep her feet on solid ground for awhile. “Suri kept saying, ‘Home now, home now,'” the source said. “Suri’s a homebody and she’s not afraid to let everyone know.”

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  • Sophie Smith

    How much do you want to bet that the Jolie-Pitt kids are the same – if not much worse? I kinda feel sorry for these kids. On one hand they have anything money can buy – on the other, they don’t have some things that money simply can’t buy that are much more important.

  • Anonymous

    Only KH and TC know if the kid doing not like to fly and who cares anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Only KH and TC know if the kid does not like to fly and who cares anyway? Sorry for the repost.

  • Anonymous

    Her hands are always closed and never open, find that kind of weird.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing that is weird is that you think that’s weird.

  • Amy

    I’m not a fan of ether Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes but this story is crap you almost never see photos of them boarding planes and Suri is always carried seen with a blanket as though she’s a baby. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not about to take commercial airlines they travel with a privet plane so where did this source see this “brake down” Suri had because celebrities go from the plane straight to their car that’s awaiting them which is park by the plane.

  • anonymous

    First of all, this is NOT the only problem she has. Her clueless parents would be the first! I have no clue if the story is true but it kinda makes sense since Suri seems to have so many fears. She hates the papz, loud noises, still needs a security blanket and drinks from a bottle and isn’t even out of diapers/pull ups. Suri probably is a homebody because everytime her parents take her out she is surrounded by so many papz, which she clearly can’t handle. Suri’s parents need to get a serious clue and start taking better care of there daughter!

  • cara

    well it is prob rubbish BUT even on the slight chance it is not… I find it incredibly bizarre to blame tom and katie for this. Firstly, why is is “bad” that she does not like to be uprooted so often? seems pretty damn reasonable to me. Secondly, no proof that tom and katie caused her preference. so sick of reading about how ben and jen garner must be such wonderful parents because violet is so smiley…. ummmm…. maybe she is just a smiley person? a serious-looking kid could just be a bit cautious and analytical. both are awesome and we need all types to make the world go round.

    so, to summarise: prob not true, but even if suri does hate travel i say good for her and i bet tom and katie have done nothing to exacerbate it.

  • Anonymous

    I too find it funny that Suri’s hand are always closed tight or she is holding onto something.

  • Anonymous

    Why do my posts keep getting deleted? All I said was that its funny the source said Suri said “home now, home now” when that sounds like something a two year old would say, and she is four and a half.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty much been travelling since she was born. It makes me wonder if she even knows where home is. For all we know when/if she said that, she was referring to a hotel.

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