Jennifer Garner & Girls: Soccer Saturday

Actress Jennifer Garner was a soccer mom again yesterday, watching her oldest daughter Violet, 4, hit the field with her team in Los Angeles, California (October 16). Little sister Seraphina, 1 1/2, was also on hand to cheer them on.

The beautiful Catch & Release star recently talked about her Mommy style, saying:

You see pictures and you see this harried woman in jeans and sneakers, running around and just lucky if I get a shower, but it’s pretty much the same as every other mom out there. You know, I can’t dress up every day, it’s just not in my nature. Even if I own the clothes, which by the way I do, I look at them and think ‘I can’t be a mom in those clothes,’ they just don’t suit me.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    I know I am going to regret my question but Am I the only who think that Jen seems to favor Violet, I mean a lot. I know that it’s not because you don’t see somthing on pap’s pictures it doesn’t exist, but she seems to spend more time with violet, when she is with both girls she is always with violet on her knees, talking to her, looking at her. And when she is with Seraphina, she doesn’t seem to interact that much with her..

  2. Anonymous

    oh, on her laps, not knees lol

  3. Anonymous

    I think Violet is classic first child and needs a lot of reassurance from her which is pretty normal for a first child who was given a lot of attention. It’s almost like with your 2nd that you feel a little guilty, I think as Sera gets older and interacts more that will change. I think it’s all part of the balance you learn as a Mom. My daughters are exactly the same age apart as hers and it kind of played out the same in my house, now it’s a lot more even the older she is.

  4. Anonymous

    Such cute girls. I know you can’t completely base an opinion on pap picks, but it seems like in pictures Violet is a little more dependent then Sera. She seems to like to always hold onto Jen and be with her, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s cute and a lot of kids are like that, I know I was. Especially when they are still getting used to having a younger sibling. And it just seems like Sera likes to wonder on her own and is fine (not that she doesn’t loved being carried or with her mom.) But I wouldn’t say Jen seems to favor Violet more…I she gets pictured with both of them together & seperately a lot.

  5. Marc

    This Jenn and Ben make the most beautiful babies.

  6. Anonymousd

    I give it max 2 months before the announcement comes at that her and Ben are separating/divorcing. It’s common knowledge he hand-picked Blake Lively for his last flick and he’s been running around on her for awhile now. You can just see it in her face.

  7. Anonymous

    Jen seems alone and sad a lot.

  8. It is just kids

    Uh I don’t think so when it comes to Blake Lively..!!!! Really now.. One is
    that she is way tooooo busy with her own boyfriend and two… when have
    you seen them together..?? eh..!! Never!! That is what… it is time to forget
    the cheating and that Jen likes to do her girl time with just that her daughters. It has beent that way since Vi was born…Jen has been hands
    on since the birth..No she is not all a lone … she has the other moms and
    she has a lot of fathers to talk to …and Moms too.. She likes to do everything
    her self…It does not matter if they are attractive or not..!!! Kids.. Neither is
    Hugh Jackman’s daughter is as ughh as ever…man..

  9. Anonymous

    Some people act jealous and envious when it comes to this family. Jen looks like a great mom and her children seem happy and well-adjusted.

  10. Anonymous

    OK Celebrity Baby Scoop– here’s the truth: your site has been completely overrun by barely literate haters just like x17s. Time to start MONITORING!

  11. Shell

    This is obviously not a league that is requiring the shinguards at this age and level. If they required them or wanted them then she would have them. I don’t understand how random, nonpersonal pictures can represent the true dynamics of a family. I doubt Jen favors one child over the other.

  12. Anonymous

    I love her and her beautiful little girls. What I can’t understand is why is it that those don’t care for them or her style of parenting spend so much time complaining and nitpicking about the family. If you find them offensive, stay the heck off the JG/BA thread and allow others to enjoy them without having to put up with your childish remarks.

  13. Anonymous

    Haven’t they heard of soccer shoes and shinguards?

  14. Anonymous

    Wow! 32 comments! And there are the morons who complain that there are pictures every day of the Afflecks. You guess why — like I said 32 Comments!

  15. Anonymous

    You never see Ben with his family, Jen is always with the girls and looks sad. She is pretty much a single parent and she knows it, I don’t care how many millions there home is sometimes money can’t buy happiness.

    • Anonymous

      Ben spends as much time with his family (visit Jen’s fan site for proof) as most husbands and dads. When possible, he even goes to soccer practice (and gets critized for first one thing and then another) on various websites and tabloids.

      If Jen appears to look sad I’m sure it has more to do with the pap intrusion into her private times with her girls. What is suppose to grin and bear it ALL THE TIME. There are lots of pics of Jen smiling and having fun with her girls and other moms and dads (then she is accrused of being a media ho).

      Thanks CBS for keeping this site usuer friendly and respective of the celeb and commenters alike. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  16. carolyn Robertson

    Hi everyone – Just a reminder that we do moderate comments so those that involve insults and name-calling will be deleted. Thanks!

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