Cheryl Hines’ Daughter Puts Her In The Hot Seat

Actress Cheryl Hines is interviewed by none other than her 6-year-old daughter Catherine Rose in the new issue of REDBOOK. The School Pride star gets asked some tough questions – like “Do you remember when I was born?” – by her budding journalist. Here are a few of the highlights…

Catherine: Do you like your job on School Pride?
Cheryl: “I do. I like going to the different schools and meeting all the different students and teachers and getting to help out.”

Catherine: What’s your favorite outfit? Please say high heels, high heels, high heels!
Cheryl: “I know you like it when I wear fancy clothes with high heels and usually a lot of sparkles.”

Catherine: Do you remember the first time I ever ate chocolate?
Cheryl: “How could I forget? You couldn’t talk yet, so when you ate a piece, you started clapping.”

Catherine: Mom, how come we call Grandma Cracklin?
Cheryl: “When she was about to be a grandmother, she felt she was too young to be called Grandma. Her name is Rosemary, so your aunt and I named her Cracklin Rosie, after the Neil Diamond song.”
Catherine: I thought we call her Cracklin because she cracks up a lot.
Cheryl: “That’s what makes her a true Hines.”

Catherine: Do you remember when I was born?
Cheryl: “Of course I remember!”
Catherine: You do?
Cheryl: “What I remember most is that it was the happiest day of my life.”

Described as “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for schools,” School Pride is a labor of love for Cheryl.

“Before I had my daughter, I really didn’t think about schools at all,” she recently told USA Today. “When she started school, it made me think about other parents and children, and made me feel like it does take a village. The idea of a child going to a school where the lights don’t work, where the toilets don’t flush, it makes me sad.”

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what an adorable interview!