Eva Longoria Parker: Family Is Everything To Me

It seems like pregnancy rumors dodge Eva Longoria Parker wherever she turns. And while they all seem to be just idle gossip, the truth is that starting a family with husband Tony Parker is top priority for the Desperate Housewives star.

Family is very important to me. It means everything. It is the root of who I am and it is what grounds me.

And Eva and her basketball star hubby agree that when it comes to the size of their brood, the bigger the better. “Tony is family to me, he is my most important family member, and we are both very close. And we both want a large family. We both make our family a large priority in our lives,” she says.

Her character on Desperate Housewives has softened over the years, a change that Eva welcomes. “I have way more in common with Gabrielle now than I used to because before she didn’t want kids, she was having an affair, she didn’t cook, she had all of this stuff that was the opposite of me.

“I am extremely domestic, I love to cook, I can’t wait to have kids. There was all of this exact opposite stuff going on but now that she has kids she is a little more compassionate and there is a side of her I can relate a lot more to.”

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  • Tazina

    All talk and no action.

    • Sophie Smith


  • Anonymous

    You guys need to get a life if she wants to talk about having kids without having them so what it’s her life how does it affects your life?

  • Anonymous

    She’s getting older, she should better start now otherwise next she’ll start talking about her fertility problems. Which she’ll have if waits till she is in her fourty’s.

  • Hanh

    I wonder if its because she’s having trouble getting pregnant. Infertility issues.

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