Mayim Bialik: “Nothing Is More Important Than Being With Our Children”

Former child star Mayim Bialik (you may remember her from her 90s sitcom Blossom is back on television. She’s doing a guest stint on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

Unlike many child stars, Mayim took a lengthy break from the limelight to not only get a PhD in Neuroscience, she also had two children, Miles, 5 and Frederick, 2 that she home-schools with her husband Michael Stone. She sat down with Popstar and discussed the new role and balancing motherhood with her ambitious career.

On how she “does it all:”

The honest answer of “how I do it all,” is that I don’t sleep as much as I should, I work at night when my boys are sleeping, I’m one of those people who are just always doing a lot of things. I multi-task a lot.

On her upcoming parenting book, with Simon and Schuster:

I have 14 chapters written. I’m writing a book about this style of parenting that we do, which I think is a big part of what my life is really about. I have a 5 year-old and a 2 year-old, and that is my most important job. I have a husband who is home with our kids when I’m not, and that’s really how we’re able to do this. We choose not to use nannies or babysitters, not because we think we’re better than anyone else, but it’s just a personal decision that we want to be the caregivers for our kids. So we’re making it work that way, because that’s what we feel is best for our children, and everything else fits in around that. To us, nothing is more important than being with our children at any given point of the day.

On her three biggest accomplishments:

Well I have two kids, so I guess that would be two. I think really working hard on changing the things about myself that I wasn’t happy with when I was younger. That’s something that I was very proud of.

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  • Shannon

    Love her. Can’t wait for the book.

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