Seraphina Affleck Is Sheep Shy

How adorable!

Alias star Jennifer Garner took her two daughters – Violet, 5 in December, and Seraphina, 21 months – to a petting zoo in Santa Monica on Sunday (October 17). Sweet Sera seemed unsure of the sheep while mom encouraged her to take a look.

The day before, we saw the lovely trio at their weekly soccer practice.

The girls’ father is Jen’s hubby of five years, Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. felissa

    Those kids are so gorgeous. Seraphina has really grown up.

  2. Anonymous

    What a cute little girl, she got the looks of the two and seems like she has an easier disposition.

  3. Antonio

    Seraphina is one of the most beautiful celebrity babies I have seen.

  4. Elizabeth

    Ok I know this has been said, but WHERE IN THE WORLD is Ben? It seems like a very rare sight to seem him. I wonder if they are separated and waiting to make the announcement. It is just really weird he never participates in these aspects of the girls’ life.

    • Anonymous

      He does work you know. Why does it bother you so much? You don’t even know these people.

      And since when do normal parents spend every waking moment with each other? Guess what, they don’t.

    • Anonymous

      Where is Ben? Oklahoma
      Ben Affleck is filming a movie (Untitled Terrence Malick Project) in Oklahoma. Malick is a Oscar winning director. His movie “The Tree of Life” staring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn is waiting for a release date.

      The entire family visited Oklahoma last month.
      Ben probably wanted Jen and the girls to stay in Bartlesville OK with him during filming. Looks like Jen didn’t want to stay. She probably didn’t want to stay in a small town with nothing to do while Ben was working.
      Ben has had a pretty solid work schedule with “The Town”, “The Company Men”, and now this project. The man has been working full out for the last two years. Writing, Directing and Acting.
      What can Ben do if Jen doesn’t want to stay in Bartlesville with him? Nothing. Ben is going to let Jen do what makes her happy. If that means……not being with his family…. so Jen can do fun things with their kids and hang out with her friends….. (that is their business). It doesn’t mean Ben and Jen marriage is in trouble or Ben doesn’t love his family. Ben and Jen are Celebrities. They do not have 9 to 5 jobs. They have to travel to locations and work odd hours.

  5. Vi and Sera....

    No it is not rare to see that Jen likes to do things on her own.. !! Without
    her husband…Ben..From the time they got together in March 2005 in Vancouver they have had a relationship like this..even Victor Garber who has
    lived with the Afflecks say that she is very independent with the kids..

  6. Anonymous

    What an adorable little girl Seraphina has become! She starts to look more and more like mum Jennifer and big sis Violet. I love her shy look when she takes a look at the sheep. The Affleck-Garner is one of the rare Hollywood families who are very down-to-earth and do normal things like take the children to the zoo.

  7. kat

    Ben is filming a movie In Oklahoma .They were together Columbus day weekend.The reason they probably they’re all together is because Violet has school.Trust me the better off then most couple in Hollywood.Jennifer says it herself –

  8. Anonymous

    Doing things independently with your girls is one thing, doing everything is quite another. If he is working somewhere else I can’t imagine they wouldn’t fly to see him. Having two separate lives is kind of what we are seeing over time, even when working people have some time off. Jennifer always has a sad look about her and her husband is rarely with them, even the busiest of people have some time off.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because obviously you can tell everything that’s going on in someone’s life by a few photographs. I hope you don’t ever try to get a job that requires analytical thinking, because you would be ripped to shreds and laughed out the door.

  9. Anonymous

    Sad but true they have two separate lives and when he is around he looks annoyed and mad. Time will tell but you can tell Jen is sad.

    • Anonymous

      He only looks annoyed when there are papz there. He HATES papz and he doesnt think his girls should get photographed because as he said, he is madly in love and they are not public property and he would never sell their baby pics unlike other celebs. BTW: Jen is NOT sad! Give me a frickion break! She is always smiling except when she sees a pap in front of her!

  10. Anonymous

    Seraphina is so beautiful. I think she looks more like Ben than Jen whereas Violet is the opposite.

  11. Anonymous

    How come nobody noticed the shoes that the girls are wearing?And the fact that they have no socks on while outside has just rained..?(mother Jen wears snickers)..well,sorry to say this but if other celebrity children were in this situation you would all blame the parents,but in this case,you just fake you didn’t see it just because we’re talking about Jennifer Garner..Please…

  12. Anonymous

    She’s looking at the sheep like…”I’m confused, how can there be 2 of mommy?”

  13. Anonymous

    Why are there pictures of these 2 kids every day? Can’t they find other pictures of other celebrity babies?

    • Anonymous

      Are you blind. Did you not notice how many comments the posts about this family gets? As long as the trolls continue to bash this family, they will keep posting the pictures, because they generate the comments which generate the page-views and the advertising revenue. What the trolls don’t get is that if they hate this family so much they should stop paying attention to them. The only thing the paps and this site care about is making money, and pictures of this family make them money. Stop paying attention to them, and it will no longer be worth their while.

  14. Anonymous

    haha Anon 5:16 I think you finally shut them up~! (The haters) Yeah goobers use your brains – the more you post the more you will see the Afflecks! Don’t want to see them – don’t post

  15. Anonymous

    Beautiful mother and daughters!

  16. Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m sick of this family too. These kids aren’t even cute.

  17. Audrey

    Wow as someone who lives in Oklahoma and regularly attends music venues, theater and dance performances, concerts by major performers, visit many museums, multi-cultural events, wide variety in dining, historical sites, lots of outdoor activities such as water activities (most lakes in continental states) – hiking – rapelling – hunting, NBA basketball, world famous zoo, etc, I didn’t know that I was bored. If you’ve never spent time in Oklahoma you just don’t know.

  18. Anonymous

    Yep they know so much on this page, that Jen is bored and doesn’t want to stay there. We should just come directly to the comment page and find out the gossip because obviously they know it here.

  19. Anonymous

    Jen’s mother’s hometown is Oklahoma, so there is truth that she doesn’t want to be there. She was even reported to looking at property to buy there when the family were visiting a couple months back (preparing for the filming of Ben’s current project).

    The only reason Jen and the girls are in LA is because of Violet’s school schedule. The family were all there during the week of Columbus Day as a previous commenter stated. FYR, Jen hates the paps as much or more than Ben but refused to allow them prevent her for giving her girls the life they deserve. We should be congratulating her instead of bashing her for hanging out with her girls.

    Lots of moms do the exact thing when they husbands are working. They don’t sit and home waiting until he can join them.

    I came here to comment on how beautiful the Affleck girls are how much Jen is dedicated to giving them a normal life inspite of her and Ben’s profession, but got put off by the baseless speculation that her marriage is in trouble because her husband is not photograped with her and his children. I hate to see a new story on this family because it is always reharse of the same idiotic complaints. So tiresome. This happens to be one of my favorite familys but I almost dread to see their post because it brings out the worst in some people. Other stories hardly get any comments. I wouldlike to know why. Do people only use this format as a whipping board or for entertainment?

    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent not that it really matters much. lol

  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous 9:40pm what should we be congratulating her for leaving the house daily and getting her photo taken by the pops? Where was it reported that she was looking to buy property or that she was there week of Columbus Day please let us know.

    • Pauline

      You are so rude! I also read the reports that Anonymous 9:40pm mentioned, yet we have no obligation to find them for you. If you hate this family, just leave them alone. It’s a waste of time for you to learn more about this boring yet loving little family!

  21. Anonymous

    Congratulations are in order because she is “supermom”. You know, the mom who has nannies, cooks, housekeepers and assistants. It must be so difficult for her…… She has to keep that fake “pollyanna” persona going to fool all of you gullible people on this blog.

    • Anonymous

      Why to you call her a supermom? Even she is the first to say she is not. I too think she should be appauled to continue to show her kids what it is like to life as normal folks (Lord knows she is talked about like and labeled everything but a child of God) because she does not dress to please all lot of you.

      A lesser woman would run away and hide rather than stand her ground. She is awesome and definitely earned my respect as both a mother and an actress. Oh, and she seems to be also a good wife and supportive mate for her husband. They make a good team. I hope they stay together forever!

  22. anonymous

    Seraphina is one of my fav celeb kids. She is too cute for words and seems to be a happy little one too!
    Jen seems like one of the better celeb mom’s out there. It must be super difficult to raise kids in LA with papz in your face at all times.

  23. kat

    How do you know they were in OK Columbus day weekend? Do you know -they’re schedule and whereabouts?
    No I don’t .I have friends who live in Bartlesville and saw them eating at a restaurant .She said they almost went unnoticed because they looked like any other normal family .And they were sweet and talked to people who went up to them except they didn’t want photos taken because they were with their kids.

  24. Anonymous

    I live here in Bartlesville, and yes they both are here. They are all over town on a regular basis. He is very nice and people tend to leave them alone here but Ben is very nice about talking and taking pictures with anyone. THis is a pretty calm town so I think they are enjoying the privacy. They rented a house here and seem to be very comfortable. It’s really cool to see how they film for the movie and yet people here go on with their business around it.

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