Will Smith & Family: New York City Night

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith brought daughter Willow, 9, along as they stepped out for a night on the town in New York City on Monday (October 18).

Will and Jada’s son Jaden, 12, had his turn in the spotlight earlier this year with his starring role in Karate Kid, and now little sis Willow is getting her turn to shine with her budding music career.

The video for Willow’s single Whip My Hair was just released and the young singer will make her live-performance debut on Ellen on November 2.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • anonymous

    I just have to say that the way Will Smith lets his kids dress is rather over the top. Yes, I know they are actors/singers etc. but damn, the family looks like a circus act. maybe they should bring there gigs to Vegas? Just a thought….

  • Anonymous

    Will Smith on Baby Scoop and his kid is on X 17 someone’s confused where this family should go. Kid on baby scoop and Dad on x 17 LMAO

  • Tazina

    Willow looks cute. I love her pants. She is dressed very nicely for her age.

    • celia

      Yes, I agree. Not always my taste or how I would want my 10 or 8 year old daughters dressing, but except for the FAKE NAILS I think she is dressing appropriately. I do like those pants!! She and Jaden are strikingly beautiful!!

  • Elle

    Are you kidding me? A 9 years old doesn’t dress this way. This family is so over the top and so full of themselves. I can’t stand them. I love looking at pictures of families like Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Gardner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt Damon ect. They are all in show business and have money but yet look like normal happy family. The Smiths are just ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    What an ugly girl is Willow, I don’t understand how parents let her paint her nails…

  • Angela

    I just don’t like Jada Pinkett Smith … not sure why!

    • Elle

      I completely agree

      • Andreea

        me t

        • Sophie Smith

          me 3

  • Boston.Girl

    I am sad that Jaden was not with them. When it was his turn to shine Willow was constantly there pushing her way to be front and center. Will and Jada should have made Willow behave then or they should have had Jaden here now.

    Parents are not supposed to have favorites but it appears these 2 do. Poor Jaden!

    • Sophie Smith

      That’s because Willow needed exposure. If you’re going to judge like that I could say that they favour Jaden since he got a MOVIE and she only got to make some music :P.

  • Go AWAY

    This whole family needs to take a break and go away for awhile. TOTAL Over saturation! Seems money can even buy their kids careers… Always liked Wil-but not so much now that he’s pimping out the kids!

    • Elle

      I feel the same way!!!

    • Elle

      I feel the same way!!!

  • Anonymous

    Both of the children act arrogant and since everyone thinks it’s cute and sassy, they keep getting away with it. Willow can’t even read properly and doesn’t know multiplication because she’s been pulled out of school and Willow gets to decide when she wants to work with her tutor (which isn’t often). She has a stylist, who does Rihanna’s outfits, and they’ve trained her, like Britney was. I like Willow, she’s a cute girl and I think she’s talented, but I really think the childhood of these children will get ruined with all this exposure and a lack of some sort of normalcy away from the public. Just look at Britney, Lindsey, Michael, and many others who worked as children. They need to wait until the children are at least in their teens or older before putting so much media scrutiny on them.

    • Elle

      I SO agree!!!

    • Sophie Smith

      Scientology supposedly supports putting kids of famous people into the business as well, because it will get them even more attention (it will especially get them the attention of those that are around the same age as the kids). I have read a few times that Will Smith and his wife are a part of this cult, but are not public about it like Tom Cruise (no need to wonder why). John Travolta is a member of this cult and his young daughter was in a movie recently. Suri Cruise is headed the same way too no doubt, and she already receives constant and quite massive media attention.

  • Sophie Smith

    The parents of this little girl can afford to get her THE BEST tutors money can buy. I say this because I too have read that she has problems with maths and is falling behind with her school studies. Seriously Will & Jada, let her do the music thing if you wish, BUT MAKE SURE HER SCHOOL WORK IS NOT SUFFERING.

  • LaKesha

    When did we get a copy of Willow’s education record?

  • Anonymous

    This family is totally scaring me!
    However I love and I always love Will Smith!
    In a while, everybody will mistake Willow for her mum!
    Damn it!

  • Anonymous

    Jaden is not with them because he was back home in LA doing his thing(Never Say Never) at Justin Bieber’s concerts.

    But I saw pictures of him with Justin at the LA Lakers opening game and I thought, where are his parents and Willow said in a interview that Jaden spends too much time at Justin’s place. If true, I don’t like that, Jaden just turned 12 and should not spend that much time with a 16 year old unless they are rehearsing but other than that he should be with kids his own age.

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