Sofia Vergara & Son Manolo: Got Milk?

Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara strikes a pose with her son Manolo, 19, in a new campaign for Got Milk? If you’re surprised to hear the sexy star has a son already almost out of his teens, you’re not the only one!

Sofia says people often get confused, “Usually people think we’re brother and sister” she said. And that’s not the only way, she added: “Sometimes they think I’m his girlfriend. He will call me ‘Mom’ so they know!”

Sofia’s campaign has a pro-motherhood and pro-family message. It reads: “Family favorite. I love being a mom and doing what it takes to build a strong, modern family — like serving my little boy milk. It has nutrients like protein and potassium that have helped him become, well, not so little.”

This isn’t Sofia’s first time posing for a Got Milk? campaign; she posed for a Spanish one in 2006. However, this time, the actress tells OK! that it’s “even more exciting for me because I get to do it with my son.”

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Photo credit: Got Milk?


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  1. ll65

    Good looking boy…and the mother’s beautiful too.

  2. Hannah.J

    Wow they look more like brother and sister how beautiful.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah they do look like siblings. She had him pretty young (16/17 if i’m not mistaken). I LOL cuz his friends probably have crushes on his mother!

  4. Cathy

    SON? Oh, i better start taking better care of myself! LOL

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