Alyson Hannigan & Her Snacking Sweetie

How adorable! Alyson Hannigan and her daughter Satyana were spotted taking a walk in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (October 21).

The 19-month-old made cute expressions while holding a bag of Japanese snacks!

Hannigan recently gushed about how new dad Neil Patrick Harris is so great with Satyana.

“He has this phenomenal song that he has made up and it makes my daughter laugh every time he does it. It sticks in my head for days. It’s so brilliant, and it’s the perfect baby song. He’s definitely going to be so creative and fun.”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures/Flynet Pictures


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  1. Jenny Schafer

    Oh sweet jeebus she is cute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I could eat her! She’s soooo beautiful!

  3. Andreea

    such a cute little red nose!!

  4. Anonymous

    LOL! She is such a mini heartbreaker!! She is one of my favorites, too cuteeee!!

  5. Anna

    She’s cute, looks like a cartoon figure!

  6. carolyn Robertson

    Oh, she is so cute!

    (And I love Alyson’s boots) 🙂

  7. Sam J.

    that main pic is so cute 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    hahahaaaaaaaa……that isn’t japanese snack. that is a bag of goldfish floating pellets.

  9. Jas

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i could eat her hehe.

  10. Hannah.J

    How cute Satyana is growing up in the blink of an eye.

  11. Ellie

    She’s such a perfect mix of her mom and dad. Those little eyes are all Alexis, but her coloring is all Alyson! So cute!!

  12. Kaci

    What a little pint sized doll lol !! She is one of the cutest celebrity babies!

  13. Elle

    She is too cute! That’s a normal kid with showbiz parents. I knew they existed!
    She is my favorite.

  14. Anonymous

    Alyson is such a down to earth/hands on mama.
    Lol at Satyana’s walk….she is the cutest thing isn’t she!!

  15. Anonymous

    i srsly love satyanna! she’s the perfect mix of alyson and alexis

    though i can’t help but think alyson waits for the paparazzi to show up…

  16. ned

    she is by far the cutest redhead i have seen!!

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