Halle Berry & Her Pretty Little Pumpkin

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry took her sweet 2-year-old daughter Nahla to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood this morning (October 21).

The pretty mother-daughter pair had fun looking through the pumpkin patch and going down the slide together. Not to mention Nahla’s adorable face paint!

Earlier this week, we saw Halle and Nahla shopping in Beverly Hills.

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com / GSI Media / Fame / Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this place notorious for being one of those pap hot-spots? Halle Berry’s distaste for paparazzi is no secret and she doesn’t seem the type to court publicity. I’m surprised she would expose her daughter to this when she could go somewhere else to get a Halloween pumpkin.

    • Anonymous

      Halle hasn’t had a problem with people taking pictures of her and Nahla since after she broke up with Gabriel. She takes her to all these places that are hot-spots – The Grove, that park in Beverly Hills Gwen Stefani takes her kids to, this place…I don’t mind because Nahla is cute, but you can’t claim to be anti-paparazzi and then deliberately go to places you know they’ll be (especially this pumpkin patch, that has a SECTION for paparazzi to stand in). Come on.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    let’s be for real, now will you people believe she has a mental problem, this place is well known, why go there if you don’t like the ppr’s, she is phony fake and a lier, you people wake up and see this trash for what it is, she will use her grandmother and anyone else for her own sad career. now she is using her kid. you can clearly see she is old and pathetic, let’s see what man will live with a crazy old woman. halle stay on your meds. and the public stop buying all their s………hit.

  • kai

    ^^ YOU, annonyomous, seem to be the one with the mental instability.
    What’s with all the venom for Halle? Yes, Halle is in her 40’s, but she CLEARLY looks better than a lot of women half her age! I don’t know Halle personally (and i’m sure you don’t either) so your petty name calling is undoubltedly baseless and irrelevant.
    On the issue of Halle hating the pap’s: i think at some point she thought, “This is my life, if the pap’s are going to continue to pursue me and my daughter, i’ll deal with it, so long as they give us some space”. And i’m sure this is the mentality adopted by many celebs who are relentlessly stalked by the paps.
    But anyway, have fun throwing your stones…

  • Toya

    I just can’t believe you people expect Halle to just stop living so she can avoid the “PAPS”. This woman has a 2+ year old child. She is trying to enjoy life with HER child, and expose Nahla to all the joys of being a child. So let me understand this. She shouldn’t go to a pumpkin patch, the grocery store, the doctors, visit friends, attend parties, etc. etc. etc. because these are the hot spots right? Where the “PAPS” ALWAYS show up?? What game plan do you all have for Halle when Nahla starts school?! You know what I’m starting to think? That more then 1/2 the folks that post/share their opinions about Halle are NUTS/CRAZY/INSANE and Halle is the normal one!! I would love to see some of you in her shoes for real!!! See how you would live under the microscope of the “PAPS” Mind you, they SIT and wait like predators!! What would you do? Seriously!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed – take a pill, my friend and calm down!! All people are saying is that certain spots are well known to be pap hangouts and are infested by these predators. Without being confined to her home, Halle (like a lot of other celebs I might add) can choose to go places that are not overridden by paps. It is possible….

  • Toya

    No… I woke up on the right side of the bed!! Thank you very much for being concerned!! And I also have a 2+ year old, and I get soooo disgusted by some of these mean, hateful comments I read about Halle/Nahla! “It is possible….” You really think so huh??

    • Anonymous

      People are just commenting that she used to be so insistent about avoiding all these places and talking about how she looked down on other celebs who deliberately courted paparazzi and now she does it all the time. I’m sorry, I like her, but she refused to sell baby pictures of Nahla when she was born but now will take her to a pumpkin patch designed specifically to get publicity? Please.

      I agree there’s no reason to insult her looks, that’s a little over the line, and people CAN change their minds, but celebs are as open to criticism as any other parents are; you have to put your money where your mouth is and deal with the consequences if you start doing something you told everyone you were better than.

  • Anonymous

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