Matthew Broderick & James: School Run Buddies

Matthew Broderick and his son James Wilke, who turns 8 next week, were seen doing their usual walk to school in New York City on Wednesday (October 20).

Helpful dad carried James’ backpack.

The actor once said in an interview with Parade magazine about the possibility of his son going into show business.

“It will all be up to him. I wouldn’t be surprised by his personality. But that’s totally down the line. He certainly should take his time on that decision. He has a whole list of career possibilities already, he wants to be ready in case one doesn’t work out. Astronaut is high on the list and there’s also fireman and maybe being a baseball player.”

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  • tif

    Matthew really really really loves that jacket!

  • Anonymous

    I wear the same jacket everyday, so why shouldn’t he? He’s just walking his kid to school, he’s not going to a premiere or anything.

    • Tif

      So, you’re assuming, incorrectly, that I’m criticizing him then.

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