Calista Flockhart & Son Liam Go Green

Calista Flockhart was doing her team mom duties on Saturday (October 23) by picking up son Liam, 9, at his flag football game in Santa Monica, Calif.

Sports are a big part of Calista and husband Harrison Ford‘s life. The couple married this past summer after being together for 10 years, and in a recent interview Harrison revealed details of their wedding and how they spent their wedding night. “We got back in time for the Lakers game!” he laughed.

“We had a 10-year honeymoon before the wedding. We lived together for years,” the Indiana Jones star said.

“There were three people: Calista, she had to be! Liam, and myself,” Harrison continued, talking about their very private wedding. “We were married by Governor Richardson in New Mexico, who was very sweet, and it was he and his wife basically. That was pretty much it. Not a big wedding. It was really nice to just have a quiet [ceremony].”

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