Robert Downey Jr: We’ll Have A Baby Soon

It sounds like we can expect a pregnancy announcement from Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan in the near future if all goes well!

“I think I will be wrist-deep in doo-doo within 18 months,” the actor reveals in a new interview with Playboy magazine. “I’m calling it, right here.”

Robert, 45, is already dad to 17-year-old son Indio. So what makes him want to take the leap into fatherhood all over again?

“Well, let me think. What is the upside? The upside is doing what you’re supposed to do, what feels righteous. And that is another 18 years, legally, of thankless blood, sweat and tears.”

And the Iron Man star is already thinking pink.

“I think we should probably try to have a girl because I don’t want another male entity to have to compete; I don’t want Indio to feel there’s another boy in my life. But I don’t know what we’d have to do. Do we have to put it in a spoon and hang upside-down? Of course that’s wrong, and I think, Wait a minute, I don’t get to make that decision. It’s the stupidest conversation ever because it’s like saying ‘Red or black?’ You have a 50 percent chance of being right and a 50 percent chance of being wrong. I think we’re going to have a girl.”

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  • Sonya

    I was wondering if they’ll have a baby. It would be great to see Robert with a little girl, but his son is very handsome so another boy like that would also be great:-)

  • Biankita

    Some time ago he already mentioned that they are planning (a) kid(s). I’m glad to hear they’ve obviously entered the “hot phase”. My fingers are crossed for this lovely couple to let it happen sooner than later.

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