The Jolie-Pitt Budapest Babes

Adorable! The 2-year-old Jolie-Pitt twins, Knox and Vivienne, were seen going for a walk with their nannies outside the family’s rented home in Budapest, Hungary on Sunday (October 24).

While the twins stayed at home, mama Angelina Jolie and papa Brad Pitt were spotted out and about with two of their older children: Zahara, 5, and Pax, 7 next month.

Angie and Brad are also parents to 9-year-old son Maddox and 4-year-old daughter Shiloh. The Jolie-Pitts are in Hungary while Angelina works on a film which marks her directorial debut.

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  • mackenzie

    Knox and Vivienne are so adorable.

  • Sophie Smith

    They look a little tired, but cute!

  • Anonymous

    Outside their house, in their backyard.
    The paparazzi and on top of trees taking these photos.
    This is invasion of privacy.

  • Anonymous

    They weren’t walking outside their home they were in there back yard with their dogs playing other web sites have the photos.

  • Liam

    I dont think theyre that cute i mean theyre cute but not ADORABLE…

    • SiervaMaria

      You say that like there’s a poll being taken.

  • Anonymous

    @liam decide what you mean?? they are going to be very beautiful they are super cute

  • Anonymous

    they are gorgeous love they way they are dressed

  • Gina O’Mara

    Did anyone else notice that both babies are holding an item in their right hand and being led around by their left hand with the jacket over their hand…just thought it was funny/odd…

  • Anonymous

    KNox and Vivienne ar just adorable! So great to see them out. Looks like they both are eating somethiong while walkin with their nannies. Knox has really grown a lot lately and so has Viv. She looks like an interesting mix of her dad, mum and big sis Shi. She will be a beauty when she grows up and Knox is gonna be a heartbreaker one day. Love the clothes they´re wearing. That jacket Knox is wearing looks hand-knit. Maybe Grammy Jane – as the JP kids call Jane – has knitted that.

  • Kid

    Werid photo .but still cute

  • PamPam

    They are so precious.
    I love to see their pics very much.
    Adorable twins.

  • Sweet

    I love him and so cute and beautiful

  • ned

    loool i must admit they give the funniest facial expressions ever! they’re cute!!

  • Grandma of Four

    Cute kids! A bit pale so one wonders how often they get outside? And, I notice they are hand held and not really playing! A playground/park might be a good idea! Too bad they are always on the go….Mr. Bones looks like fun and I bet the Jolie-Pitt kids would have a blast!

    • SiervaMaria

      Grandma, I bet you’re the one at all the family functions and church bazaar’s with the backhanded compliment.

      “Oh Carol, your muffins are usually always so tasty, did you use to store brand mix this time?” or, “Joan, I used to wear that color alot too but I was one of those who could carry it off.”

  • Anonymous

    wow this looks like some super zoom pictures….. papz with no borders!

  • Ondine

    It looks like the daughter has Down Syndrome.

    • Anonymous

      I have thought the same thing since the very first picture.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah just like Shiloh looked like she had DS at that age

      • Anonymous

        This is the first pic I have seen any physical characteristics of Downs in Viv and they look very blatent. I have heard the rumors but now I believe them. Never saw them in Shiloh who was the most gorgeous baby I think I have ever seen!

    • Anonymous

      Shiloh didn’t look like this child, This one does look like she has Downs.. The boy looks completley different. Can’t these nannies hold their little hands? Why grab the arm with the sleeve hanging over the hands, so rough.

    • Anonymous

      Wow…I so agree with you. I didn’t want to say anything but now that you mentioned it, I’m glad to read that someone else noticed it. They kept those two hidden from everyone the first year. Maybe there was something wrong.

      • Anonymous

        If the twin(s) have Downs, that does not mean something is wrong with them. I have worked with many individuals with DS who are amazing people. Please consider what you say more carefully.

  • Anonymous

    Yes lets just drag the kid back to the house.

  • Allejhandra

    Paps probably were too invasive so they decided to go inside. A playground would not be easy with hoards of paps ruining the outing also. Their parents are just too famous to allow the kids to have any kind of normal life.

  • SiervaMaria

    Two sweetie pies. Love their boots.

  • Iowi

    cuteness overload.

  • Anonymous

    I hate how their nannyies all seem to hold the kids forearm rather than their hand. It looks so aggressive.

    • Me123

      Up until a certain age, it is recommended that kids be held at the wrist and not the hand. Little kids hands are too small and would slip out of an adults hand very quickly. It’s for safety measures, not agression.

      • Sophie Smith

        What safety? They are in the backyard of their house. Eh, I wouldn’t like nannies raising my kids…

        • Me123

          It doesn’t matter where they are – backyard, a busy street, a store. Kids can slip away and get into something they shouldn’t. You’re saying there is nothing of danger in the backyard? Interesting. Regardless, it doesn’t matter…I was pointing out a general rule to someone. I’m sorry you wouldn’t want a nanny that held a childs hand the correct and safe way.

  • Anonymous

    Knox looks like Angelina.gorgeous boy. Vivienne is so cute

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with Ondine.

  • Anonymous

    Lime@ the wins not adroble ther are super cutes and beautiful twins just like her dad lool

  • mammalove

    vivienne looks to have down syndrome, but that is just looks. and down syndrome (if she does have it) is NOT a curse. i have met some of the most beautiful, sweet people who have down syndrome. they always have the sweetest hearts. and if she does have it – she was born into a very blessed family that can take care of any medical needs, no problem.

    they are both beautiful babies. i wonder if they will end up having more children?

  • Anonymous

    Vivi is so adorable
    love her and knox

  • Audrey

    Down Syndrom is in my family (grandson). This child doesn’t have it. DS is a condition, not a curse.

  • Valerie Pie

    You people are all stupid and honestly, you’re all retarded as well… They’re kids… And just because they’re parents are Hollywood stars, doesn’t entitle them to be called “the most beautiful” children you’ve ever seen. I’m not saying they’re ugly at all, but I’m not also saying they’re so adorable and beautiful and all that other BS… Fawk, they look like every other little kid there is out there… If they have DS, you have to respect the immoral parents for wanting to keep them out of the public eye to be scrutinized and dissected like you’re all doing here.

    • Anonymous

      The word “retarded” is offensive.

      People have their own opinions, if they think the children are adorable and beautiful, like I do, then there’s nothing wrong with that, just like you think they are not that cute.

  • Anus-Ny-Mous

    This totally makes sense… Keep the test tube babies at the house and only allow them to roam in the backyard like dogs, and only take out the ones purchased and stolen from other continents out in public so it looks like we give a shyt… But in reality, we don’t care about anything but to make ourselves look good in public and make everyone forget that we’re both azzholes. HA

  • Parinda

    I love Knox & Vivi.
    They are so lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Such classic style. I wonder if they are having trouble getting used to the time difference.
    They are very adorable.

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