Bethenny Frankel: “I Can’t Work Without My Family Being With Me”

Reality star and lifestyle expert Bethenny Frankel is getting ready to hit the ground running for 2011. She’s currently filming the second season of her popular spin-off Bethenny’s Getting Married? which will air next year, and she’s got a self-help book, A Place Of Yes, to be released in March 2011.

Viewers fell in love with Bethenny on the first three seasons of Real Housewives of New York City and then followed her to Bethenny’s Getting Married? where she married husband Jason Hoppy and gave birth to a baby girl, Bryn, now 5 months old, on Mother’s Day of this year. Bethenny spoke to Parade about getting it all done, and putting her family first.

Bethenny says if her family can’t be accommodated, she won’t pursue a project:

I can’t work without my family being with me. I don’t want to go away for three days without the baby. We all travel together. My husband is very supportive, so on weekends, when he’s not working, he’ll come with me. Being with my family is my highest priority. I don’t do anything if I can’t take my family with me.”

Now that she’s married with a baby, she promises the name of the show will change, and that they’ve had “a lot of good ideas” about the name change. She promises next season, each episode will focus on “issues” that married couples face.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Bethenny! I am so happy for her and her family and cannot wait for season two!!

  • Anonymous

    <3 this woman!

  • Anonymous

    I might be off a bit, but how was she a “housewife” if she got married after she was on the show. Sorry for the silly question, but I never watched the show.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry. That’s a fair question…

  • Anonymous

    “lifestyle expert”…. what exactly does that mean?????

  • anonymous

    I think she has a strange shaped face and is actually kind of a snob.

  • carla

    What is the big deal about her? She appears to be genetically thin even if she didn’t work so hard at starving herself. I don’t think she looks exceptionally healthy and in athletic type shape. Her body to me is not that attractive. She had surgery done to her breasts and face it appears, and her books to me were completely worthless. Her personality for me creates stress, and I could only tolerate her in very small dosages. I really can’t understand what the fuss is about this woman. But I guess there is a seat for every a$$.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Carla. She has this attitude and it seems to get worse. I don’t know what the popularity following is with her? I think she is ugly and looks used up. Her eyebrows looked painted on here and I think she is anorexic telling women to eat a bite of this and a bite of that.

    She needs to gain a little weight in my opinion. I hope she disappears from the news for awhile.

    • Alma

      Totally agree with Carla and ano above. She looks so ….PLASTIC!!!

  • Love B!

    Love Bethenny. She is smart, strong, and funny!
    There are a lot of people seem nice, or pretend to be nice, but they are really not. Bethenny is just the opposit. She comes off little harsh or rude sometimes, but she is a good person with great heart!! I can just feel it!

  • Dana

    I honestly don’t know the relevancy of her…so she was a housewife of some sort (I don’t watch those Housewives shows) and now she is a celebrity?

  • Anonymous

    “Can’t work without my family” ??? This woman has no idea what the real world is really like. Some people HAVE no choice but to put their kids in daycare ALL week so they can actually put food on the table. She rubs me the wrong way….a total snob!

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic useless human being and a sorry excuse for a woman… I can’t believe you would even feature this snob on your website… Whenever I did catch a glimpse of the show she was on, I couldn’t help but to constantly question what in the world was going on with her face… In one scene, her cheeks will look normal for a person who’s malnourished and fake, then the next one, she looks like she’s hiding her gay man’s balls in her cheeks… She is UGLY… Other than being skinny, I see nothing about her I would find appealing whatsoever…

  • Valerie Pie

    Hey bag of bones and plastic, your husband is a lover of penis… Which basically means you’re a man… God she’s ugly.

  • Anonymous

    She IS pretty hideous. If I were her, I would probably avoid smiling. It doesn’t do any favours to her jaw, or face. Or maybe just avoid being photographed. And I don’t understand why she’s famous.

  • Sunny Sue

    Whoa. Harshness, much? Every one is entitled to their opinions but SHEESH! What’d she ever to do you?

    I like Bethenny. I think she can be direct and a lot of people don’t know how to handle that [especially coming from a woman] but she’s super smart, driven and funny! I don’t read her books or buy her alcohol and I think her eating and health advice is questionable but so what? So, I disregard that! I watch her show and i enjoy it and I love her.And her husband is AWESOME! what a sweet guy – doesn’t deserve criticsm.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!! Smart, Funny, and Cute! And yes i did buy her books and her Skinny Girl drink! It’s fun! People shouldn’t be so close minded. I just love her show and everyone on it! GO BETHENNY!!!! I’m your biggest fan!!!! Can’t wait to see her show next season!!!!

  • Anonymous

    bethenny husband is not gay why do people keep sayin that i do thihk he is to good for bethenny

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