Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Are Picture Perfect

Eddie Cibrian and his girlfriend LeAnn Rimes got in on the fun at his son Mason‘s soccer photo shoot in Calabasas, California today (October 24). The pair posed alongside the team for pics, as did Mason’s little brother Jake, 3.

The country crooner, who looked chic in boots and a mini, and her beau have been an enthusiastic cheering squad for the team this season.

Earlier this month LeAnn admitted she just almost went hoarse at a match, Tweeting, “I think I’m gonna lose my voice from screaming!!! Lol”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Cam


  • Anonymous

    This is getting beyond sick. This woman is desperately trying to send the message that this is her family. We all know she tipped off the paps. Why is she still tweeting about those kids when their father said that it wasn’t child focused to expose them to the media? Os anyone seeing a pattern here? Notice that the paps only show to the games when the kids mother isn’t there? Leann is burning bridges and why in the world you reward her for exploiting those kids is beyond everyone. This is wrong and she is slowly showing that she will do anything to get attention for her and her boyfriend. This is also just another WATCH MY SHOW photo-op for EC. These are some has beens who have to rely on TWO kids to get their careers on track. Sick.

  • Anonymous

    Do these two ever stop using those kids for publicity? So are we supposed to think that they are in love because once again she tipped off the paps because she can’t stand to have anyone think that this man doesn’t love her? Is this damage control for their photo-op where she was basciallyh called out for looking bored when she staged a photo-op with those kids at the coffeeshop/barbershop? Notice that she won’t even allow this man to hold or even be near his kids. No wonder she was upset at the other photo-op, she was mad because EC was paying more attention to the kids than to her that day?

    Of course she is picture perfect, she knew that you were going to be there.

  • Anonymous

    attention whore…who wears that to a soccer game? I’d rather be Jen Garner everyday looking homely, according to people, than this home-wrecking bitch….

  • Anonymous

    I know when I go to a soccer game, I alway like to pick out my most cervix-baring skirt & (flat) chest exposing top! Way to go LeAnn… class act all the way. LMAO

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