René Angelil On Twins’ Birth: “It Was A Very Emotional Moment”

Just two days after he and his wife Céline Dion welcomed their twin sons, proud papa René Angelil describes the emotional moment when they first saw their babies.

“When Saturday at 11:11, they showed us the first baby that was crying, we were crying,” René tells Canada’s eTalk. “It was a very emotional moment, and even though we didn’t speak to each other, we were both thinking about the time it took. We are very lucky, very privileged and very fortunate to have these boys.”

Céline and René have been very open about their struggle to conceive, sharing that they underwent six rounds of in vitro fertilization before this pregnancy.

René adds that their 9-year-old son René-Charles is thrilled to have two baby brothers.

“He was very, very happy that it was boys. I remember a few months ago when mom told him the day we were going to know if it was a boy or a girl or two boys or two girls … his reaction pointing to his mom’s belly he said, ‘I hope there’s not too many girls in there.'”

Congratulations again to the happy family!

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Celine’s one of my favorite singers, and it’s driving me crazy that we don’t know the twins’ names yet! I’m so happy for them, though.


So happy for little Rene-Charles getting little brothers!

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Congrats for the twins.Hope they are as handsome as Rene charles is.
Heard they are healhty twin boys..HEY!HEY!