Naomi Watts’ Kids Think She ‘Works In A Trailer’

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber know it’s hard to have movie stars as parents, so they try their best to help their kids – Sasha, 3, and Kai, 22-months – understand their careers. Even if it doesn’t always work.

“They think we work in trailers,” the actress laughed. “They think that’s our office.”

Part of what Naomi and Liev do is help their boys see that their parents’ work is only make-believe. “The movie I’m filming now is about the 2004 tsunami,” Naomi said. “There was a lot of discussion with the boys that mummy’s going to have ‘owies’ and they’re just pretend. But you don’t want them to be traumatized.

“By the end, Samuel was saying, ‘Where are your owies?’ So we put some fake blood on them. It worries me a little bit – it’s not normal by any stretch of the imagination – but that’s our job, and you have to try to make them understand it.”

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  • Anonymous

    Kai was born on december 2008, no way he’s 11 months.

  • Felissa

    That’s so cute what they think. And I think you mean with 11 months, 21 months, Right?

  • Courtney

    if Kai was born in December 2008 he’d be 22 months not 21. and when the kids are shelltered from what their parents do they’re not going to understand it. it’s not like Sacha and Kai are like Nell Newman for example who knows very well about the film industry as her parents are/were beloved stars and she was also conceived on a movie set and actually acted in a few films that starred her mother and were directed by her father.

    • Lisa

      Yes, he’s 22-month – thanks ladies, post corrected.

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