Willow Smith Wants To Be Famous “Like My Mommy And Daddy”

Willow Smith is happy to be spreading her messages through her music. The 9-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith who sings the hit song Whip My Hair, says that she didn’t want to wait until she was older to start a music career.

“I wanted to make a difference now, (and) because I wanted to be big and famous like my mommy and daddy and help people,” she said in a phone interview on Monday.

She’s also “very surprised” on the success of the song and thinks it’s resonating with listeners because it’s the “individuality that they’re excited about.”

Her parents’ background in rap and metal influenced her when she was younger.

“I would go on tour with them and watch them and I’d be like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s what I wanna do,'” she said.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    This child needs some serious guidance! ” I want to be big and famous like my mommy and daddy and help people”. She sounds like an idiot. Sick of her already and sadly, it’s not even her fault. She is too young to be in the spotlight and needs to live her childhood out to the fullest before being “big and famous”. It’s so sad that little girls are so quick to grow up these days. Being a KID is so much fun, why can’t she just enjoy that and shame on her parents for not making education the #1 priority over being famous. We, as parents should be trying to protect our children and keep them innocent for as long as possible. They grow up too fast and once you give them that slack, they will take off! Her parents WILL regret the decisions they are making in regards to Willow’s career…..AND because she is only 9, she will not be relevant anymore 10 years from now and will probably end up doing porn or something just to get her name back out there. She is a beautiful little girl though, but she needs to be just that, A LITTLE GIRL.

    • Venni

      I agree with you. And it’s heartbreaking to see such superficiality and vanity being paraded around like virtues. On the other hand, someone has got to be the “child star” — why not Willow? Why should Miley Cyrus corner the market? I felt the same about Tiger Woods — didn’t like his character, but was pleased to see the golf world opening up to a wider market.

      • Anon

        Superficiality and vanity? Can you folks not read?! The kid says she’d like to help people. Her parents are movie stars and are very wealth, but they also give to charity. I think you are a little confused in identifying what exactly is being “paraded around as a virtue.”

        She said nothing about wanting to be “rich” like her parents, but instead she would like to help other kids. And, yes, she also probably wants to have fun while being a rock star in the meantime. Big deal — most kids would fantasize about that…

        • Anon

          …and are very wealthY. (My typo….)

        • Venni

          Ummm… she sings about hair. Now that’s real deep. The world doesn’t need another freakin’ song about hair. The world needs more scientists and teachers and authors and community organizers and honest politicians. The entire Smith crew seems to be superficial, opportunistic, shallow, undereducated, and vain. Of course, I don’t know them personally. But every word I hear come out of their mouths is proof enough for me. Just plain stupidity and crassness is all we get from them. Who cares what they give to charity – they need to stop pushing this “empty-calorie pop song on people. (do you know that bill gates has committed to giving away 90% of his wealth — now that’s what I call “helping people”). It’s dang-on a shame when celeb-worshipers cannot distinguish between right and wrong when their favorite celeb is at issue. It’s just plain wrong to facilitate the childhood wishes of a child without giving them the nourishment they need. With their money Willow could know three languages by now. You don’t see Obama or bill Cosby, or Spike Lee doing crazy ish like this with their kids.

          • Anonymous

            Venni…you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m so happy that someone else feels the same way!

          • Lioness

            Venni, she’s nine. NINE years old. 9. What else should she be singing about- saving the world? She’s NINE. Why on earth should it be her responsibility to teach the world to be a better place? She’s NINE. At that age, all she should be singing about IS empty-calorie pop sh!t. She’s using her wealth to follow her dreams and and inspire kids her age- how is that bad? Did I mention that she was 9? Do you know 3 languages? Cuz you know you don’t need money to learn languages. And how are you even comparing the Smith kids with Obama’s kids? Obama’s a politician- it would not be wise for him to send his kids out into showbiz with people like you judging them, and therefore him. Those kids help his image, and you better believe he KNOWS it. Bill Cosby is an old comedian, and Spike Lee is a movie director- what would you say if their kids went into their line of work? Would you complain then? Because that’s all the Smith kids are doing, and in their industry, they can do it early.

            I am not a Smith family advocate by any means, but I am floored by the amount of vitriol constantly spewed at these kids on this site. People need to grow up- most of you complainers sound like a tired and bored bunch of a-holes, upset because the celeb families aren’t like yours… I mean, really? Are you even thinking about what you’re saying? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, of course, but yours don’t seem sound.

          • Venni

            I think it was Willow who said she wanted to help people … (and there was a commenter who brought that up a selling point as well).

            But, to respond to your point: How is Willow inspiring kids her age? To have fun? To wear cazillion-dollar clothes? To have an attitude? To go on T.V. and not be able to read the word “congratulations?” To be home-schooled? To do whatever you feel? Money and fame are not admirable goals for a 9 year old to have. At NINE, Willow should be thinking about fantastical things like ending world hunger – not thinking about whipping her hair and shaking her tail for fortune & fame. She and her family are an embarrassment.

            My daughter is 6 and she is fluent in French and English. She knows some Spanish already and will attend a Spanish immersion school next year. This is the kind of nourishment that will set the foundation of her life and no one can take it away from her. I would never put my daughter out there like that for the public’s entertainment and satisfaction.

            The Smith “family values” are very shallow. I would not want my daughter to emulate Willow Smith. (Raven Simone, maybe. Malia/Sasha, maybe.) Wake-up people! The Smith family is not to be admired. Most people already know this, Lioness. (by the way, I am AA – all the way. went to Spelman College. so don’t get this twisted)

          • Lioness

            Venni, I’m sure ending world hunger has crossed Willow’s mind at times, but she IS just a kid. It isn’t her responsibility to save the world. YET. And it isn’t her responsibility to guide other kids, either. You’re condemning her because she’s singing about harmless, kiddie things- ?????? Why? I think she’s inspiring kids to go after their dreams, to not be afraid to go after what they want. What’s wrong with that message? As for her education, we have NO IDEA how far it has gone, so why are you criticizing her for that? You seem to make all kinds of judgments about the Smith family based on very little information- they’re almost solely based on what you THINK is going on in her life. You know what they say about assumptions… You haven’t listed a valid reason yet to dislike Willow so much, and I know you don’t have to prove anything to me, but I’m really trying to understand what your and so many other people’s specific issues are with her. After all, she sings and acts age-appropriate, she seems to have fun with it(is that wrong?), she wears clothes in line with her family’s income (unlike SO many other non-famous kids, whose parents are in debt trying to make them look cute), she’s quite confident, educated, and yes, she’s going after what she wants. We all encourage our kids to do exactly these things, yet we bash the Smith kids for doing it. Why? Isn’t that hypocrisy? You said you don’t mind Raven Symone- HOW is she different from Willow Smith? She got her acting start even earlier than Willow, and she has made nonsensical records too, which WERE NOT about saving the world. In fact, the only thing Raven doesn’t have that Willow does is a celebrity family driving her. So you don’t quite make sense.

            I think it’s a fantastic thing that your child will be fluent in three languages next year- good on you. When she turns nine and starts using those skills to travel the world and campaign for an end to famine, let us know. In the meantime, we should remember that everyone has their purpose in society- that includes entertainers. Willow appears to want to be a great ENTERTAINER (a very real aspiration for MANY children), and her family has the means to make that happen. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. You’re simply condemning the Smiths for not making the same parenting choices that you do.

            Not sure what your ethnicity has to do with this, either….

          • Katrina Leigh

            I agree 100%!!!! Especially the part about “she’s only NINE” – ABSOLUTELY!!! People need to back the hell off. In fact, I think that goes for ANY kids/teens in the spotlight – Miley, Dakota, Jonas, Justin, whoever.

  • Tiffany

    Anonymous …you have WAY to much time on your hands to think of all this garbage. Sure, she could just go to school and be a “regular” kid….but she hasn’t been raised like one, so she’s sees her world differently than most children. THER have been TONS of child actors, singer, etc and they don’t all grow up to be porn stars nor do they all become irrelevant after 10 years. Her family has the means…I’m sure she still does child things. I’m sure Her parents have grounded her, she covered up and even if she doesn’t become a huge star its an experience for her. God bless her and her family….shame on you for saying such things about a child;)

    • Anonymous

      Oh, man — thanks for taking the time to type this out, Tiffany, so I don’t have to. 🙂 I agree with everything you’ve written.

      I have no idea in the world why people are so hateful to this family. She’s a child!! People need to relax and focus on more important things in the world around them…

  • Tazina

    Good for her! She is a role model already with just that one song. Her peer group will listen to her far more than anything they get from their parents. She seems to be setting a good example, no makeup or skanky clothes either. She was born to a show business family. This is all she knows and she’s running very successfully with it. Get over yourselves. You should jealous and vindictive. Find something else to hate on rather than a little girl who has one song out there which people seem to love.

  • Anonymous

    This kid is so coached by Jada, it’s annoying to hear her talk. I used to respect Jada and Will. Mostly Will because he doesn’t have an arrogant attitude. Both the kids now have an arrogant, self-important attitude. First Willow supposedly cut her hair because her grandmother had short hair, then the story changed into Willow cutting her hair because she wanted to be free and swim, but in reality, she cut it because Rihanna had cut her hair and Willow is a huge Rihanna fan. It’s no coincidence that her STYLIST is Rihanna’s image-creator and stylist. It’s also no coincidence that made her sound like Rihanna in her song. The image is fake, the quotes are fake, everything is fake. They’re just using this kid and exploiting her. Sure she wants to do it, she wants to famous, what kid wouldn’t? But is that a good thing? The majority of child stars end up messed up, not only because they are exposed to insane amounts of money, drugs and alcohol, but because they are given power and access they don’t know how to handle. You have these entitled kids who nobody can say no to and they end up doing what they want, which is often self-destructive. Youth, immaturity, power, and wealth is not always a good mix. If you think only kids whose parents were not wealthy and famous themselves get ruined by fame, look again. Lots of kids of famous and rich parents have many issues. Look at Michael Douglas’ son and he pretty much grew up outside of the limelight. Missing out on your childhood is often what child stars resent, just look at Michael Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    Will and Jada, just let your kids be kids. No one is pineing for them to be rock stars/actors. If they want that when they’re older, then they can pursue that. It seems all you are interested in is fame and money. Just look at previous child actors/singers — they regret not having a childhood. Don’t let your kids make the same mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Obnoxious, spoiled, self centered brat!

    • Anonymous


    • Lioness

      Yes, because you know her personally. Tell me, what about her seems spoiled? Did she throw a tantrum in front of you? Or is it that she has expensive clothes? She’s rich- unknown rich people have expensive clothes too. Obnoxious, self-centered? Is it because she walks a little too straight, head held a little too high? If those are problems, then they are yours, not hers.

  • Anonymous

    So cute!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We’re talking about will smith here not Charlie sheen. This guys first taste of success was his rap song parents don’t understand. He has kept a squeaky clean image for his entire career that I can remember. And you could possibly consider him a child star. I’m sure he has his kids well grounded and even speaking 3 languages. Their father wasn’t trashing hotel rooms next to them and locking up hookers in the closet. He was no gang banger rap artist. I’d put my money on will smith being a good parent any day

  • Anonymous

    3 languages??? His children don’t even speak English right!

  • Bird

    I think that people are wary of this family because of the Scientology thing. I don’t know much about it, but there’s this intense striving for individualized power and money and glory that’s kind of creepy. I know I wouldn’t want them staying in my guest room.

  • Lioness

    Still not understanding the hate against Willow (and yes, it is hate, because she’s given none of you reason to dislike her). Most of you seem to be projecting your own insecurities onto her- always a dangerous practice, folks. It isn’t her job to make you feel comfortable, so I would try to accept her and move on with my life. I say let her keep at it- if she’s happy, then that’s all that matters! And for the record, I think she’s very cute 🙂

  • Venni

    You want to understand the “hate?” Just look at this kid. Listen to her. Most normal people will have a visceral reaction against the blatant display of all the shallowness, frivolity, and superficiality IN THIS INNOCENT CHILD. She is not supposed to even know about all the CRAP that adults celebs do “make it” in this world. Designer this and that. No regular school or classmates. Jet-setting. Hair-stylists. Make-up artists. It’s just very sad to see that our culture is not willing to protect the innocent while they are young — much less to see the parents pushing all this on her and all of us (including other little girls who may want to follow in her footsteps). I hate everything about the MESSAGE that the Smiths are putting out there with this creation of Willow the “punk meets preppy, nine-year-old, pop star”
    (“punk meets preppy” are her words not mine).

    • Lioness

      “She is not supposed to even know about all the CRAP that adults celebs do “make it” in this world.” Her family is in show business. Inevitable that she’ll find out, whether she wanted to be famous or not.

      “No regular school or classmates. Jet-setting.”
      Some parents feel regular schooling is a waste of time, because it doesn’t prepare their kids to be citizens of the world. One couple I knew even went so far as to pull their kids out school and travel the world with them while they were young, all the while tutoring them. By the time the family returned, the kids were 3 grade-levels ahead of their classmates, well-versed in world culture, and much more compassionate and aware than their peers. And yes, they made friends easily. Not that any of that sh!t matters, but it seems to matter to you that Willow isn’t like other kids- so I mention it. Bottomline: there is more than one way to educate your child. Keep an open mind. Homeschooling and world travel aren’t bad things.

      I think Willow is very well-protected, she needs no help from us. Jada doesn’t seem like a pageant mom (now THOSE people need help)- it seems to me like this is something the kids wanted to do, and they made it happen. Period. Jada has often said she’s very careful about letting her kids get into show business, and that she wouldn’t stop them if they wanted it. I’m guessing Willow will be just fine, you don’t need to worry about her.

  • people

    i like her new song whip my hair but she does look concided and she looks like a brat to me but i do not know what u other people think that is my opinion

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