Max Bratman: Shoppin’ With Mama

Christina Aguilera stepped out with her son Max to go shopping at La La Ling in Los Feliz, Calif. on Wednesday (October 27).

The 2-year-old cutie played with a few toys in the store, while Christina shopped for some new clothes for him. During the visit, Max received a kiss from his mom as well as a lollipop.

The pop singer, who recently split from her husband Jordan Bratman, rocked a ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ t-shirt.

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Photo credit: MWEA/GSI Media/Pacific Coast News/Flynet Pictures

  • Sophie Smith

    Love the t-shirt :D! Cute expression on the kid too :).

  • Susana

    OMG he is getting cute. I feel so sad they had to get divorced, the kids are the ones who suffer 🙁

  • Ondine

    Too bad she’s stuck w/ a kid who looks just like the father. What an awful constant reminder of the guy you can’t stand to live or be with.

    • Anonymous

      Just because your mother can’t stand you, doesn’t mean all divorced moms treat their kids that way, you pathetic dolt.

  • Alma

    wow, she got so big.!!! Her tighs I mean, considering that she is petite, and that outfit doenst flatter that kind of body.

    • Anonymous

      Considering she IS so tiny, an extra 5 or 10 pounds make her look a lot bigger than it would a taller woman with a bigger frame.

  • Anonymous

    He looks so much like his dad but he could also be Adam Sandler’s son.

  • Micaela

    He is so adorable!

  • nicoleC

    he’s cute
    wish him happy ever after

  • Anonymous

    So nice shirt

  • Anonymous

    Cute little jordan i love her shirt and hair

  • ll65

    I that t-shirt he’s wearing! cute kid

  • Anonymous

    Cute t shirt but that’s about it.

  • Anonymous

    it’s cute shirt and shoes

  • Leona timax

    I Love her shirt cute hair

  • Anonymous

    How does that foot taste, Ondine?

  • Allison

    Everyone says he looks like his dad, but I only see Christina when I look at him. He’s toooo cute!

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