‘Teen Mom’ Report: Gary Shirley Moves Out, Takes Leah With Him

It sounds like Gary Shirley has made a huge decision regarding the two females in his life: his daughter Leah and her mother, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood.

“Gary loves Amber, but he wants custody of Leah,” Jordan Sanchez, Gary’s BFF since the age of 14 tells Life & Style. In fact, Jordan says Gary has already moved out of the apartment he and Amber used to share in Anderson, Ind. “Leah is with Gary almost all the time.”

With a possible domestic battery charge pending, Amber could face jail time for hitting Gary in front of their daughter. To cope with the stress, Jordan thinks Amber has turned to medication. He says she has a prescription for the addictive anti-anxiety drug Klonopin, which is often used to relieve panic attacks. Side effects of the powerful drug can include severe drowsiness and dizziness. “I worry that she could be abusing it,” Jordan says. “I’ve seen her take multiple Klonopin at a time. There are days where she sleeps until 7 o’clock at night.”

Jordan goes on to talk about Amber’s problems. “Gary has told me that Amber is bipolar,” Jordan says. “It’s gotten pretty bad. Gary told me that there have been several instances where Amber would say to him, ‘Come home or I’m gonna kill myself,’ and he’d fall right into her trap.”

But since Amber’s aggressive behavior has taken a turn for the worse, Gary has moved out and is Leah’s primary caregiver. “The baby’s with Gary. She’s always with Gary. He’s the one taking care of her.” He adds, “Amber’s always beating on him, verbally and physically. What normal person would stay in a relationship like that?”

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  1. mhm90

    Leah is so gorgeous! Too bad her mother has mental problems.. I think Gary needs to grow up and accept responsibility of his daughter.. Im only judging by what I have seen on MTV.. Who knows what really has happened.. But clearly Amer has issues.. Locking herself outside of the home in her underwear and threatening to kill her self? I feel so bad for Leah.

  2. ll65

    Let’s hope Gary sticks to his guns about keeping Leah. He’s a bit wishy washy with respect to his and Amber’s relationship and Leah. It’s most important that Leah be in a safe STABLE environment. Amber needs real anger management help. Once she commits herself to mental and emotional health then she should have access to Leah IMHO.

  3. ll65

    I do think you have to take whatever Jordan says with a huge grain of salt. From what I’ve seen of him on the show I don’t know that he’s a good judge what’s going on with Gary & Amber.

  4. renee

    this jordan guy was super annoying on the show and doesn’t seem to be the best source for information… if he was such a good friend to gary, he’d keep his mouth shut to the press in the first place.

  5. Ondine

    I think Amber’s biggest problem is she had a baby w/ a man she has no love or respect for. She’s like many women, she wants the man/father’s paycheck and help w/ childrearing w/out the commitment of marriage and w/out actually having the man/father in the house w/ her. Amber is much better off w/out Gary by her own choice, it is obvious she cannot stand him. This is why the little girl should have been surrendered at birth for adoption to two people who actually want a child and are willing to make sacrifices for the child’s wellbeing.

  6. Val B

    Your right Ondine, I believe she thinks she is too good for Gary now that she has lost the baby fat and just used him to whatever she wants or needs at the time. Gary is way better off raising the girl on his own and will probably find someone from him being on tv to fall in love too.

  7. Anonymous

    Poor Leah, she is a beautiful child. Gary needs to grow up and be a friggin’ MAN for once.

  8. Ava

    wow Leah looks SOOOO much better now that she is not with Amber anymore. It almost doesn’t even look like the same baby!

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve known Gary and Jordan since I was 13 years old. Gary is a big teddy bear but he does have a temper too. Jordan like many people have stated talks a little too much especially with the ladies.

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