CNN’s Kyra Phillips & John Roberts Expecting Twins

CNN news anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts are expecting twins!

CNN Newsroom‘s Phillips, 42, and Roberts, 53, a co-anchor on American Morning are “very excited about new additions to their family” due to arrive next spring, they tell Celebrity Baby Scoop.

The happy couple became engaged last April. Congratulations to them!

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  • Anonymous

    First time parents at ages 42 and 53. Well that’s just great. Good luck to the twins, hope they’re okay.

  • nosoupforyou

    “Grandparents” shouldn’t have kids.

    • Anonymous

      40 – 50 is a grandparent, really? Maybe for those of you who live in a teen parent world.

  • edeilo

    Congrats to them!

    My father was 52 when I was born. I am in my 20s now—he is still active as ever. Yes, he is older than many dads, but that doesn’t change anything. He is healthy and an active part of my life. More active than some of the younger dads I know.

    They both seem happy and healthy, and can provide for a child. Why should their age be a factor here? It is not like they are 70 and 80 for God sake. Since when was 40/50 grandparent age and headed down hill? My three siblings in their mid-forties would probably say otherwise. 42 IS NOT OLD! 50 is that bad either!

    Good for them for waiting. Happy and healthy 9 months!

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