Mariah Carey Feels “Nauseous And Exhausted”

Now that it’s confirmed Mariah Carey is pregnant, the singer is sharing how she’s feeling. US magazine reports today she called in to her husband’s radio show Rollin’ With Nick Cannon and admitted, “Right now, I feel nauseous and exhausted.”

Cannon, 30, noted that Carey, 41, shot two music videos for her Christmas album on Thursday and asked when she was going to take a break.

“I guess after New Year’s,” she answered.

Carey also thanked her friends and fans “for the well wishes” and stated, “I’m still insulated.”

She added, “I wasn’t in touch with anybody!”

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  • Courtney

    Nausea is a good sign that she and the baby are healthy and being tired is normal. 85% of women get some form of morning sickness while their pregnant and it’s a reasuring sign in a pregnancy after a loss that it’s going to go better that it did the prior time. though even some women who get morning sickness still miscarry because of genetic abnoralities or other unforseen problems.

    may god guide Mariah through this wonderful chapter in her life becoming a mom is such a such a blessing. particularly after the heartbreaking miscarriage the first time

    • Anonymous

      Courtney, why is it that your talk about miscarriage in EVERY POST?! It’s like this weird, unhealthy obsession with you.

      • Anonymous

        Oops, “you” not “your”…sorry.

  • Micaela

    I’m very happy for them!

  • Anonymous

    sorry, mariah. even self-absorbed celebs like you are not immune to morning sickness and fatigue.

  • Courtney

    Uh in this case it’s not she’s had one before. not all women actually get morning sickness get your facts straight. they can also run in families as they do in mine

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