Milla Jovovich: “Having Ever Changed Everything”

Milla Jovovich has managed to make the leap from the runway to the big screen, starring in films like A Perfect Getaway, Stone and Resident Evil. The busy mom tells the Sydney Morning Herald that while her daughter Ever is her number one priority, she’s not looking to give up her day job any time soon.

“Having Ever changed everything. Absolutely everything,” she says of her 3-year-old daughter. “Ever is my priority and of course, then I have my work.”

“Apart from that, I don’t have much of a life.”

The 34-year-old actress admits that though she feels fortunate to have such a successful career, the reality of being a working mom can be a challenge.

“It’s hard because you think about being a career mum and you want to be but being a mum definitely takes up all your time and all your energy. Ever comes with me everywhere. She’s always on set with me.”

“Definitely, at the end of the day, I used to be able to come home and chill out and read a book. Now I come home and it’s full on work. I get, ‘Mama! Let’s play!'”

With eight movies currently on the go, Milla admits “it’s hard” to juggle her very busy career with being a mom, and worries that time with her baby girl is rushing by all too fast.

“I definitely imagined I’d slow down once I had the baby but then everything just kind of sped up. My husband and I just had our anniversary and I wrote him this long letter. I told him it’s crazy how it feels like life is so rushed and so hurried. Everything is ‘Gotta do it, gotta do it’ and our beautiful baby is growing so fast.

“It’s three years later. What happened? Where did our lives go? It’s work and baby, work and baby.”

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