SGU’s Alaina Huffman Shares Her “Tricks” To Multitasking

Alaina Huffman of Stargate Universe is one busy mama! With three children under the age of 7, Alaina has a few “tricks” to multitasking and juggling her busy life: “I have these funny flip mops. The kids love to use them.” The Canadian actress opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her three gorgeous kids – Elijah, Hanna and Charley-Jane – their Halloween plans, and her upcoming graphic novel titled Agent Mom.

CBS: You are mom to Elijah, 6, Hanna, 4, and Charley-Jane, 10 months. Tell us a funny story about each of your kids.

AH: “Elijah came home from camp one day this summer asking for an autograph for one of his counselors to which I responded, ‘Does he even know who I am?’ Elijah says, quoting the counselor, “Ya mom, you’re hot, you’re on Stargate [laughs]. Did my son just say that? It was really cute and kinda creepy.

Hanna isn’t afraid of anything – and I’m serious. She loves to be thrown toward the ceiling by my husband so she can touch it. She once walked toward the edge of a mountain during a fourth of July fireworks viewing. She even taught herself to swim by removing her water wings from her arms while in the pool. I know I watch her little butt like a hawk.

Charley and our dog Bridget are the best of friends. Bridget isn’t allowed to eat human food and Charley isn’t allowed to eat doggy food. Charley and Bridget seem to know this because I always catch each one of them chomping away at the others’ meals.”

CBS: What are your kids into? How have the older two adjusted to having another baby in the house?

AH: “Elijah wants to be a scientist. He loves doing experiments. Thankfully his school (a Montessori school) indulges in this so my house is still standing [laughs]. He also loves math and is currently doing 4th grade math, which is pretty good for a 6 year old. Montessori allows him to work at his pace and level. [Below is] a picture of him standing in front of his 1,000 beads project at school. They allowed him to work on counting and stringing them together across the classroom floor for a week.

Hanna is much more whimsical. She loves dance, art and all of mommy’s makeup and high heels. She is a very independent little lady. Her favorite phrase in life is, ‘I can do it by myself.’ She gets it honestly – her mommy and daddy are both the same way. Here’s a link to a video of Hanna pretending to be a rock star.

And little Charley is learning the literal hard knocks of being the baby. Hanna loves to carry her around and treat her like a doll. Charley always looks so uncomfortable but she just rolls with it.

The older kids have adjusted really well to having the baby around. They are very loving and helpful. Occasionally they lock her out of the play room so she won’t mess up what they are doing, but again, she just rolls with it and plays with something else.

We are pretty lucky. As you can tell in the photos, they are a happy bunch.”

CBS: How do you balance your busy career with motherhood?

AH: “Oh that! I guess like any married, working mother would, you have to juggle the home duties, work, the demands of the growing kids and supportive husband. But that’s why women are good multi-taskers.

Here are just a few tricks that make my life a little easier:

1. I believe in the backyard. The kids love to play outside and I love to let them.

2. I have a trusty crock-pot. I made a commitment to myself that I would only cook 3 nights a week. The other 4 nights usually consist of leftovers, eating out and most times we just snack our way through the weekends.

3. I ask for help from EVERYBODY. Elijah and daddy do the dishes most nights. My older kids can make their own beds. They love to help me with the laundry and the floors. I have these funny flip mops (see below) [laughs]. The kids love to use them.”

CBS: Do you celebrate Halloween in your home? If so, what are the costumes this year?

AH: “Yes, we do celebrate Halloween – the kids are counting down the days. Elijah is going to be an astronaut. Hanna will be a bumble bee. Charley is going to be the cutest little white sheep. [Below is] a pic of me, her and our dog Bridget who’s a King Charles Cavalier.”

CBS: Tell us about Agent Mom, your graphic novel. What is it all about?

AH: “Agent Mom is a graphic novel about a former teen mom turned secret agent. The novel is a lighthearted action-comedy as the world’s greatest secret agent balances her espionage life against being the mother of two that saves the world from terror. Secretly, Agent Mom is ex CIA, ex NSA and now one of the senior agents of S.E.C.U.R.E. (Sanctioned Extreme Committee for Unified Response Espionage).

At S.E.C.U.R.E., Agent Mom is the guinea pig for a top of the line military all-terrain combat suit, complete with multi-ray nanotechnology, Kevlar weaving and a new, experimental hard-light holographic defense network that can protect her like a force shield.

And the world has never needed her more! Terra-Core, a multinational defense contractor has built a mass-destruction terraforming device. The only one that can stop them is Agent Mom. We are launching our graphic novel with MTV Comics in January and we may have the opportunity to turn it into a film or television show. [See below for Agent Mom MTV cover].”

CBS: Tell us about starring on Stargate Universe. What is it like on set? Do you bring your kids on set?

AH: “SGU is a great show to work on. I’ve learned so much from the writers, producers, the crew and actors like Robert Carlyle who is an incredible professional. Considering that everyone of us brings a little nuttiness to set, the cast gets along very well. A real test of that is our ability to check each other when any one of us gets too out of line. Seriously, there’s great comradery between us and I am grateful for that.

Yes, I bring the kids to work a couple times a week. They love it. They get treats, Eli plays ball with the crew and Hanna usually gets to have her (pretend) make-up done.”

CBS: You are originally from Vancouver. It must be great to be filming in your hometown! Do you have lots of family supports to help with the kids?

AH: “I love living in Los Angeles but Vancouver is such a beautiful city on so many levels. My hometown sits directly on the Pacific Ocean, snow capped mountains, massive green trees, fresh air and rich with culture from all over the world. It is always nice to come back to Vancouver to work. I have so many great memories of my childhood here. And to top it off, my kids get to visit with their great grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. Most of my family is here, except my parents and sister who live in the US. Now if only Vancouver could get a Target…”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

AH: “I will be reprising my role as The Black Canary during episode 11 of the final season of Smallville. I’m really excited about putting on those fishnet stocking and kicking some ass. It is a super crazy busy time for me. The Smallville episode shoots next week while I am shooting the SGU season II finale and packing up to head back to Los Angeles for hiatus. Oh my!”

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  • Anonymous

    Never heard of this lady or her family before but I certainly will be checking them out in the future. They all sound awesome, especially little Hanna! xx

  • Toya

    What a beautiful mommy and kids!! WOW

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    Everyone Check out StarGare: Universe on SyFy Tuesday Nights @ 9PM EST, where Alaina Huffman plays T.J. (Lt. Tamara Johansen)!!

  • Anonymous

    I saw Alaina on an episode of CSI as well. She seems so young to have 3 kids. I bet a lot of woman are inspired by her. I sure am.

  • Rita

    Another brilliant example for the young generations: remember, in the future there won’t be any whites!

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