Jennie Garth Shares Her Family’s Halloween Plans

Jennie Garth and her family are gearing up for a fun Halloween weekend. Garth spoke with OK! about her plans with daughters Luca, 13, Lola, 7, Fiona, 4, and husband Peter Facinelli.

“We are throwing our first ever haunted house for the eighth graders in my daughter’s eight grade class,” she revealed.

She also said that Luca doesn’t need any help picking out a costume stating, “No, she really knows what she wants and she’s going to try and really, you know, make it from the things she has at home. We have tons of costumes and crazy things, so they like to just sort of make their outfits.”

As for dressing up herself she admits, “Yeah. And I really hate it.”

Garth explained, “Peter is such a kid…he loves to dress up for Halloween.

“It really kind of bugs me cause I don’t like dressing up for Halloween, but I always get kind of cornered into doing it. Like one year he was Captain Hook and he made me be Smee, the fat guy with the stripes. It was not fun. Or they’ll all be the Wizard of Oz people and I’ll be the witch. They always find an extra special role for me”

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  • Anonymous

    So funny 🙂 Luca looks like she would be LeeLee Sobinski’s daughter!!!

  • Sophia

    Ha that’s actually so true! Beautiful family; their girls are growing up so fast, especially Luca. They’re all very gorgeous 🙂

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