Celebrity Parents Take To Twitter This Halloween!

Happy Halloween from your favourite celebrity moms & dads!

@DanniiMinogue Happy Halloween from Mummy Minogue and our little Pumpkin

@peterfacinelli Happy Halloween! ES-specially to the haunted.. 😉

@torianddean HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a fun and safe one! Xoxo BOO!

@NiaVardalos Halloween…the only day of the year when LA gets to dress how they’re really feeling.

@ChrisCuomo Darth vader, a belly dancer and a peanut walk into a bar…actually it’s a halloween parade in my village…h-ween is everything kids like

@Teresa_Giudice Happy Halloween Tweet♥s! Can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with the girls tonight! xx

@ShannaMoakler Breakfast at DisneyLand and now I’m home plotting dinner for tonight! I LOVE Halloweeeeeeen! be safe and have a great night! xoxo

@tonyhawk Happy Halloween from Ace Frehley, a Ghostbuster and Foofa (and a soon-to-be 18-year-old that has better things to do)

@sarajcox Trick or treating done diddly done done. Daddy took Isaac with neighbours kids. He was a skeleton with a captain hook hook(Isaac, not ben)

@kikilet starting to get kidlets ready for trick or treating. homework, done. chief wants to go too. what can she be? super dog?

@DENISE_RICHARDS Hmmm.. Had some teenage boys show up a tad early for candy!!

@alydenisof HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Or as my daughter is saying “Appy Ween”

@Bethenny Ok it took a village but me,jason,dabooboo&bryn r in costume&en route to trick or treat!keep an eye out for the skinnygirl car!

@debimazar Dreading the sugar meltdown we will endure after we get home later..then I have to negotiate,what 5 pieces they can keep.the rest goes away!

@Busyphilipps25 Tonight, I was carving a pumpkin w/ Birdie and when I started pulling the seeds out, she jumped up and declared pumpkins”too scary”. Bummer.

@NatalieGrant I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I do celebrate family & candy! I get both today. The Grant family costume brunch is almost here.

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Photo credit: Dannii Minogue's Twitter

  • Sweet

    So beautiful baby

  • Sweet

    I love he smile so cute

  • mackenzie

    Baby Ethan is adorable

  • Anonymous

    aww… is so cute.

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