Madonna & Kids Head To Kabbalah

Rocco, 10, his sister Mercy, 4, and their mom Madonna were spotted going into the Kabbalah Center on the Upper East Side in New York City on Saturday (October 30).

The pop star and her family have been in town all week.

The 52-year-old is also keeping busy with a new project. She’s planning to open a global chain of gyms called Hard Candy Fitness. It’s described to be “a one-of-a-kind experience merging fitness with entertainment”.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Rocco is a handsome kid.

  • Anonymous

    Rocco is a handsome boy! He looks a lot like his dad Guy Richie. And Mercy has really grown a lot lately. She is a tall little girl already. She will be very beautiful when she grows up. Woder if she remembers her life back in Malawi anymore. Seems like she´s adjusted to her current family just wonderfully. Just like her brother David.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna is like a God,
    She introduced the world to Jesus.
    Jesus became Madonna’s next Guy.
    Lourdes have Mercy.

    Madonna is – Like a statue,
    Been around for thousands of years.
    A symbol of strength, a reminder of the past.
    Lourdes have Mercy.

    Madonna is – Like a Virgin Mary
    She has a son she didn’t conceive.
    Both their sons have their names in the bible,
    Lourdes have Mercy.

    Madonna is – Like a God,
    Madonna is – Like a statue.
    Madonna is – Like a Virgin – Mary; and I love
    Madonna’s – Like a Prayer.

    Madonna’s always worn crosses,
    And regularly used religion.
    She’s often upset the church,
    And even offended the pope. (Lourdes have Mercy)

    Madonna’s changed her image,
    Madonna’s changed her religion.
    Madonna’s gone from Catholic to Kabalah and ……..
    Madonna’s now dumped Jesus. (Lourdes have Mercy)

    Madonna and Jesus are over,
    David is in the bible.
    Rocco was forgotten, (Poor Guy)
    Lourdes have Mercy.

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