Tina Fey Talks About Parenting & Living In New York City

30 Rock’s Tina Fey talks to Time Out New York about parenthood and raising her 5-year-old daughter Alice Zenobia with husband Jeff Richmond.

On living in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan: “You hear that it’s obnoxious, but actually the Upper West Side is pretty chill. I don’t want to anger any of our other fine Manhattan ‘hoods—no offense, Upper East Side!—but I think it’s a great place to raise a youngster. I mean [Fey’s voice drops down to a stage whisper], there’s a little La Leche pressure when you’re with a newborn there, if you get what I’m saying. But kids are allowed to be kids: They get to dress sloppy, spill things on themselves, run around and play in the park. There’s no preciousness; it’s all very normal.”

On the pros of living in New York City: “When I was growing up [in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania], going to a museum was a big deal. It was a major day trip that you had to plan for. Here, you walk out your front door and five minutes later, bam! You’re staring at dinosaur bones. The proximity is great. Of course, if you ask Alice, she’ll say that all she wants is a yard.”

On her daughter watching her work on the small screen through DVDs:
“She’s caught a few [recorded] Saturday Night Live skits…although she thinks Amy Poehler is a lot funnier than me. The other day, she came up to me very worried and asked, ‘Mommy, why does Date Night have so much love in it?’ If she sees me doing a scene with a man who’s not Daddy, she gets very upset. It’s nothing against Steve Carrell; Alice is just looking out for Daddy’s best interests.”

On the difference between regular sleep deprivation and parental sleep deprivation: “Before kids, I always thought: ‘Please, I worked at Saturday Night Live for ten years…I lived, ate and breathed sleep deprivation! That was my Tuesday!’ And then, when you’re dealing with a baby for that first year, it’s an entirely new genre of sleep deprivation. You’re tired, and P.S., you’re also responsible for another tiny, fragile human being! You can be super exhausted and up all night around a bunch of adults really easily. When it’s 4am and your daughter is crying, it’s an entirely different ball game. But somehow, you wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.”

To read more of Tina Fey’s interview visit Time Out New York.

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