Hungarian Halloween For The Jolie-Pitts

The Jolie-Pitt family had a Hungarian Halloween this year. Angelina Jolie is in Budapest with partner Brad Pitt, working on her first project as a director. The family celebrated in style with carved pumpkins, fun costumes and their own “little dress up party” at their gorgeous rented house.

Left out of the festivities were the three younger children 4-year-old Shiloh who was sick with a cold, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 2. However, according to an insider at Us, the other kids “sketched out the types of costumes they liked” and together with their nannies assembled their own outfits.

Maddox, 9, was dressed as a chimney-sweep. “He is obsessed with black colors [and] loves the brush they carry,” explains the insider. Pax, nearly 7, became a “mad scientist in glasses and a cute outfit” then went trick-or-treating to the home of a classmate from the Lycee Francais de Budapest. Zahara, 5, was “a spring fairy. She looked so beautiful, with flowers in her hair. She is such a girly-girl!”

The source also said that, although the children weren’t able to join their classmates for a Halloween trick-or-treat walk through the city, they did have candy waiting for them at school on Monday.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Anonymous

    I hope everyone realizes that this story, although cute, is complete crap on Us Weekly’s part – because Hungary DOESN’T EVEN CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN.

    • Sophie Smith

      American children there do though, as do some others.

    • Anonymous

      It says partied at their house. If article is true they probably celebrated at home if Hungary doesn’t celebrate.

  • Anonymous

    Are all the Jen Garner haters gonna have a fit at Zahara being carried? 😀
    Like I have said many times…. little kids sometimes just need a bit of reassurance or a cuddle!
    Nothing wrong with that!

  • Anonymous

    This is an older photo. Not from this year

  • littleE

    Hi, I am Hungarian..on the 1st of Nov, Monday I dont think they had school…its a high day schools, no shops open..

  • Anna

    The story sounds made up and the photo is very old. Why post things that are made up by tabloids?

  • Anonymous

    It’s about the Jolie-Pitts so sites like this deems it okay to spread lies about them by repeating stories like this. This is the same tab that claimed Mindy Coen was the twin’s godmother; of course the truth is they don’t have a god mother and better yet their mother (A Jolie) have NEVER met the woman.

  • Anonymous

    Whats with that pic its at least 2 years old, Zahara is about 3 and she will be 6 in Jan. This Halloween story is made up IMO by US(less)Weekly. where are the pics there are dozens of paps outside their Budapest house. The paps have taken pics of their dog being walked but can’t get a pic of them trick or treating.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous @02:34 – I totally agree with you! It sounds like the whole story is made up by US Weekly. How on earth can they know how the Jolie-Pitt children celebrated Halloween? Do they have a so-called “insider” in the family who reports everything to this rag? I doubt that. How they celebrated Halloween is their own business and this magazine – or any other rag – can´t know anything about their festivities. The truth must be that they celebrated it inside their own rented home doing some fun stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Brad just mentioned on the RC that he was A Bunny I wonder why the ‘insiders’ didn’t know that.

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