Katie Holmes & Suri: One Step At A Time

In better-late-than never pics, Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes was seen with her 4-year-old daughter Suri in Prague, Czech Republic on September 23. The mother-daughter duo got an ice cream treat and shopped for toys. While Suri remembered her coat for the outing, she took off her shoes half way through their travels.

Later that same day, the pair were spotted with papa Tom Cruise heading out for dinner.

Tom is currently filming scenes for the fourth Mission Impossible film. He is not only the lead actor but also a writer and producer of the film.

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com


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  1. anonymous

    I am horrified that her parents would let her walk barefoot outdoors on pavement. Pretty sure if it is cold enough for a coat it is cold enough FOR SHOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dana

    I have to agree. Although it appears that she seems to be a “hot blooded” child by ditching the coat often but as a parent you have to lay the law down and tell your 4 year old child that yes, she does have to wear shoes. That flats may have been hurting her feet too so Mom needs to make sure she has some comfy sneakers with her also 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    She is wearing shoes in the photos where she is walking.
    Anyway, I find it weird that all these sites are just posting these photos that were taken over a month ago. We’ve already seen photos of them taken the same day, so what’s the point? There are some new adorable photos of Suri trick-or-treating. It’d be nice to see those posted.

  4. Anonymous

    WOW suri has a coat on??

  5. Jules

    I see she’s gotten over the high heals

  6. anonymous

    First of all, Katie has like ZERO class! Letting Suri walk around with no shoes at a public place that must be filthy is beyond belief! Is Suri a hillbilly child or what? Katie has a screw loose! Katie, get a clue and put the right shoes on your daughter!!!

    • Anonymous

      you have no class either! You got it twisted…….we are looking at photos of Katie not the other way around! Suri and Katie handle life in a fish bowl pretty good all things considered.

      • anonymous

        Delusional comment, really! Katie is one of the worst celeb mom’s. No shoes in public place’s, make up, heels, nightgowns in public, baby bottles, unbrushed hair, always carrying Suri, lugging around that baby blanket, no coat, no friends her age, excessive spending on a child’s wardrobe, always seen eating junk food and the list goes on! This woman is totally clueless!

        • TVannie

          Wow, when you list all the stuff together like that, it looks pretty bad. I’ve also noticed that you never see Katie or Suri carrying a book. No story books, coloring books, picture books, nothing. Most kids can read simple words by age 4today, I wonder if Suri reads and is read to? I read to our kids every night until they started reading to me. Then we took turns.

  7. Lizski

    Omg!!! Seriously???? Is she the only 4 year old still has a blankie? No. Is the only one that wants to walk w/o shoes and DOES? No. The only one who messes up her hair running around like a, let’s say, FOUR YEAR OLD?????? NO. Get over yourself. She’s cute, Katie’s cute, Tom’s, um, well he’s a douche. That’s besidethe point though. This is a kid being a kid. Stop being a hypocrite.

  8. Anonymous

    I have a 4 year old….Suri is just being a 4 year old. Katie may need to stand her ground a little more…..the girl is spoiled as is mine…but you need to put your foot down sometimes:)

  9. Anonymous

    God, you people are barbaric! Slamming a four-year-old girl because she has no shoes in one or two photos! REALLY? nothing better to do than criticize a child for being a child? I’m sure Katie’s doing a fine job of raising HER child and if and when there is concrete proof otherwise, I will continue to believe it. Everyone is in such a hurry to slam the celebs they dislike for being, well, normal. I could bet any amount of money that if tomorrow Shiloh walked on that very same pavement without shoes, no one would bat an eyelid. They would fiercely defend Angelina of encouraging her kids to be free and unhibited.

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