Taylor Swift Wants Kids “Later In Life”

Twenty-year-old singing sensation Taylor Swift definitely sees motherhood in her future, but not until she is ready to quit her superstar career and end her busy schedule of concerts and touring.

The Grammy Award winning artist, who is reportedly dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal, said, “Oh, well, kids, yes! Later in life, definitely. I’d love to get to a place where I could do what my mom did.”

However, Taylor is adamant that family life is not in the cards just yet.

But let’s say I’m 30 and still touring: I wouldn’t want to have a family, because I couldn’t balance it. But I really have no idea about the future. It’s so unexpected. Trust me!”

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  1. Maddie

    I love this girl. She has such a good head on her shoulders!

  2. Katie

    I absolutely love Taylor Swift! She is an amazing girl; smart, funny, and talented! I hope she gets everything she needs in life!

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