Travis Barker & Landon: Tattoo Twosome

Rockstar papa Travis Barker was seen with his two kids – Landon, 7, and Alabama, 5 next month – at the Century City mall in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 26).

Just like his dad, Landon was sporting some interesting ink. It might not be too long before he starts asking for some tattoos of his own!

The kids’ mother is Travis’ ex-wife, former beauty queen and Playboy model Shanna Moakler.

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Photo credit: KM Press Group

  • elle

    awww just like his dad 🙂

  • Anonymous

    ok i just have to say that people are all about judging little girls who dress older or like their mothers, but when it comes to boys its cute…? just saying

  • Anonymous

    this is disturbing in some many ways. First of all, why inflict on the child that kind of image when he isn’t mature enough or know better? at this age all little boys want to be like daddy literally but that doesn’t mean that he would want to be looking like that when he gets older. Those better not be really freaking tatoos on the kid, all i’m saying.

  • Barbara

    a bit of a shocking photo to say the least

  • tony

    Like father like son, how can his mother Shanna Moakler allow this?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say it but he looks cute!

  • Tiffany

    SMH! So distasteful…

  • Anonymous

    So adorable. I don’t understand what the big deal is.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone think about the idea that he was dressed up as his father for Halloween and those are temporary tattoo’s that just haven’t come off yet? Sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure this kid will be covered by real tattoos by the time he’s 16… I find real tattoos gross (especially when you grow old and your skin starts to dwindle, ew!), however tattoos for kids, stickers or the likes are ok, the kids have fun with them, no harm.

  • Anonymous

    Geeez, give the man some slack. Like another poster said, maybe he just wanted to look like daddy! I’m sure he thinks his dad ROCKS and he does!! I agree, Landon looks very adorable.

  • Danielle

    People judge little girls, Suri main example as the things they wear generally affect their health like shoes that aren’t even good for adults feet, let alone growing feet. I do not like dyed hair either like eg Kingston, Maddox, Im not sure either on the health aspect of doing it.
    But tattoo transfers as far as I know do not affect anyones health. The little ones I nanny for love putting transfers on, usually a butterfly on their arm or flowers. They come off very quickly, I find usually by the second day they have faded.
    Whether it is cute or not is really a matter of personal opinion and it is fine to not like them. Nearly every child I have nannyed for has been fascinated by tattoos and wanted to try transfers and none of their parents have had any tattoos as far as I know.

  • Anonymous

    That is so ridiculously cute. They are twins!!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    Photos taken October 26, not on Halloween, this is normal stuff for them I think

  • Anonymous

    Big deal, this kid just wants to mimic his father. I think it’s really sweet actually.

  • Jacqui J

    It’s pretty gross and a disturbing image the kid is too young to be doing this

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