Kendra Wilkinson: “I’m A Single Parent Now”

Kendra Wilkinson’s life has been turned upside down ever since husband Hank Baskett was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed to the Minnesota Vikings. The reality TV darling opens up to Life & Style about her tough decision to take son, 11-month–old Hank, back to Los Angeles – alone.

Not having Hank around hurts,” Kendra says. “Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank’s not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I’m a single parent now.”

With Hank so far away, Kendra decided to return to the West Coast. “I fit in well in Philly, and I could relate to all the people, but the West Coast is my home. This is where all my family and friends are.”

Hank’s decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings — which would ultimately mean time away from his family— resulted in a fight. “It hurt a lot,” Kendra says. “When Hank left I felt lonely. He’s my everything. Nobody else can really fill that loneliness.” She admits she’s shed a lot of tears. “We cry. It’s hard, and we aren’t ashamed to cry.”

The former Playboy model says they’ll spend Christmas and Hank’s birthday together. “I’m going to go back to the minus-2-degree weather to spend Thanksgiving, baby Hank’s 1st birthday and Christmas in a small one bedroom hotel room with my husband and son. That’s all that matters to me.”

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  • tiki

    kendra, take a deep breath and gain some perspective. your husband is playing football in minnesota, not dodging bullets in afghanistan. you and your son can be with him any time you choose to be. there are parents out there whose spouses are in combat zones who are truly ‘single parents’ for the duration of their loved ones’ deployments. i like you, but it’s not attractive to whine about what is really a pretty cushy existence.

    • tessa

      couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Sunny Sue

      Honetly, that really puts things into perspective. Initially, I felt badly for her [and still do to some degree] because being a mother isn’t easy and sometimes knowing that your better half and best friend will be coming through the door at 5pm is the only way you can make it through the day, but you’re absolutely right. She’s not sitting at home worrying that he’s never going to make it home. She can visit him or he can visit her WHENEVER [they certainly have the funds] and if she’s overwhlemed, she can afford a nanny.

    • JMO

      exactly! If you love your husband and have a family you do what you have to. My friend’s hubby is in the service. They are stationed in Utah (we’re from Philly) she absolutely hates it but she loves her husband and kids and knows that this is where they have to be. She wouldn’t dare think about moving back home and leaving him or taking his kids away! She knows in time they’ll be able to eventually move back to the east coast!!

  • Mememe

    What Tiki said – she could be with Hank if she wanted to be, she just doesn’t want to be. And any bets he’s not living in a one-room hotel room? None of the players here do. BTW, I’m in MN, and it’s been about 50 degrees on Thanksgiving the past few years, and we barely had snow at Christmas time, so she can also stop her whining about it being -2 degrees. LA can keep her.

  • Elizabeth

    Divorced within 6 months.

  • Anna

    The cover pretends they are getting divorced to pull in readers. Sickening! They chose to live away from each other when there is no need for it.

  • Leah

    Wow Hank is gorgeous!!! baby hank that is.

  • Hanh

    Kendra doesn’t want to be the wife the follows her husband around from job to job. That’s not who she is. She has her own life and her own work to do. They can see each other when they want to and I’m sure they talk to each other quite a bit.

    She know she would be miserable in MN and Hank would be busy anyway playing football and traveling to away games. When the season is over, he’ll return back to LA wherever is family is. Its her choice and his choice as well to be apart.

  • Anonymous

    Will there ever be a time when magazines put stars on the cover again, instead of just reality show people?

  • Mara

    This woman has no talent other than to exploit her personal life. So, anything to keep her face on the cover of tacky tabloid magazines, she will do.

  • mackenzie

    i don’t care for hank is one adorable baby boy.

  • Hannah.J

    Wow baby Hank is getting so big, they grow up way to fast.

  • Sophia

    That’s a horrible photo of Kendra but goodness, baby Hank is SUCH a doll! What a perfect child!

  • Anonymous


  • Saydi

    I’m not a fan of this woman and anything she’s done and stands for. This article is so pathetic! She can and should be with him in Minnesota. Man alive, and this made the front page? Our world really is going downhill.

  • Rainbowbrite

    This is strange…even for celebs. I don’t see the big deal, they’re rich. She can live in Minnesota and fly back and forth as often as she wants to see her friends and fam. Taking your child, going to L.A and leaving your athlete husband to go to sleep alone in a cold bed sounds like a recipe for disaster. It’s only a matter of time before he starts getting down with the groupies.

  • Dean

    Honestly, I could care less about her. I’m currently laughing my ass of at the prospect that Heidi and Spencer are broke. God, I hope it’s true…there are no two people in the world who deserve it.

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